Saturday, 17 June 2017

All terrorists have got small balls...

All terrorists have got small balls, hands and fingers and that's where their problems, insecurities and hatreds come from. They feel so insecure that they are determined to unleash their insecurity on all of us. But, they will never succeed because what is in us is greater than what is in them. Our love, tolerance and accommodation would always lead and triumph over their hate.

Manchester, London and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland shall never be afraid or defeated. I am not quite sure you guys understand who you are messing with. Can an ant fight an elephant? A horse no matter how fast it is, can it ever outrun a car? Or can the fastest bird on earth outfly an aeroplane?

Trust me, you guys do not know who you are messing with. You guys are venturing into where angels were smart enough not to thread. You guys have learnt to fly without perching and we also have learnt to shoot without missing. We will get all of you. None of you would ever be spared. Wherever you are on the face of the earth we shall smoke you out and keep you where you belong.

We dealt with Hitler and his Nazi madness. The Battle of Britain showed our resilience and determination to kill evil and what we can do when we are pushed to the wall. What we did to the Nazis shall be a kids play compared to what we have in stock for you. Trust me, we shall get you.

Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and London and our other great institutions of higher learning is a testimony of what our brain can do and that we value knowledge, learning, dialogue and understanding to being small, close and narrow minded. We are open and welcoming to all not because we are afraid or lacking in population but because we want to make this place a place of refugee, a place of perpetual succour for all those facing persecution, injustice, torture, victimisation, degrading and inhuman treatment in any part of the world. This is why this Great and United Kingdom is forever open to all including blacks, whites, agnostics, atheists, Christians, Muslims, gays and others who need our protection. That is not being weak. Trust me, it means being civilised for a civilised man would always open his door to a man, neighbour in need or in danger. This is what makes us humans.

It is because of this that we are not only multicultural but also multilingual, metropolitan, diverse and ended up producing great scientists, solicitors, barristers, surgeons, professors, pilots, drivers, cleaners, engineers, dentists and movers and shakers of this world whose name would be remembered till eternity.

This is why you are jealous of our achievements. Why not grow your hands, fingers and balls and be men and be civilised and stop behaving like castrated clueless cows that you are! I can assure you that life will still go on and is actually still going on despite your atrocities. People are still going about their businesses, loving London and doing things they are good in doing which is loving and not hating. You will never make us to hate each other. You will never divide us. You will never tear apart this great city called London. Though you may have attacked us on London Bridge, I can assure you that London Bridge like a giant Iroko would never fall down. It will definitely outlive you. You are just nothing compared to this giant, this gigantic and monumental city called London.

Can you believe that after your attack life is still going on? Blacks and whites are still moving on. Asians and Africans are still thriving. Straight men are still talking about girls, playing rugby and wearing short pants to better expose their suntanned bodies. Gay men are still going to Kylie Minogue concerts, drinking exotic red wines and Rosie and talking about boys. Arsenal and Chelsea are still there. Manchester City and Manchester United are still standing.

But don't worry. We are coming after you.

This is Great Britain and your small balls, hands and fingers would never defeat us. We shall defeat you and obliterate you from the face of the earth! And as far as we are concerned you are just in the past and in the minority and life would definitely move on.

This is why we are a Great Britain!

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