Monday, 30 January 2017

Trust me, there is a huge potential in diversity!

Few weeks ago, I read in UK Evening Standard of a black British woman of Nigerian origin who had to change her name to an English name to get a job. After graduating from the college she was not able to attract any job interview despite her brilliant CV, track records, academic achievements and work experiences. The saddest part of this story is that as soon as she changed her name by deed poll she landed a job interview and a job within one week! Isn't this sad? 

Must we all be whites? Must we all be named John Smith to get a job in the United Kingdom in 2016? Isn't this akin to ISIS or Daesh or whatever you prefer to call them or even Boko Haram wanting all of us to become Muslims and live under a caliphate? There is a good reason why evolution allowed us to evolve differently. There is definitely a good reason why we all speak different languages or even same language with different accents. In fact, our different accents and even languages could be an aphrodisiac to some people. Listen to French, Italian or even Hausa and Swahili languages and you will know where I am heading.

There is also a good reason why some of us were born blacks while others were born whites or other colours. Those reasons should be seen as a blessing and not a barrier. They should be celebrated and not tolerated. There is nothing wrong with being black, Nigerian or having a jaw breaking name or even speaking with an accent.

Nobody should have to be overlooked or denied any job in the United Kingdom in 2016 because of their language, accent, name, origin, religion or creed or even the colour of their body for these  are immaterial as to whether someone could do a job and do it very well.

It is very sad that brilliant candidates are not being hired due to their accent or the colour of their body while square pegs in round holes are being hired because of their 'accepted' name, colour, language and accent and who they know or related to in the high places. 

Same employers who employ these people would tomorrow be the first to shout that graduates of these days are not well equipped for the job market whereas the blame should be on them for hiring wrong people based on nepotism and their myopic and thwarted prejudices.

On a final note, I must reiterate that great talent can come from anywhere. See beyond colour. See potential. Employ an ethnic minority!

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