Monday, 30 January 2017

Let Us Judge.

I couldn't agree more with a recent newspaper editorial in a British newspaper that lambasted British lawyers for criticizing the former British Prime Minister David Cameron for not doing enough to help Syrian migrants or suggesting that his offer to take in about 20,000 Syrian migrants over a five year period was not good enough.

Revisit the criticism to know where I am heading. It is not enough carrying 'We Welcome Migrants' placard, criticizing David Cameron or the Tory government handling of the crisis. To prove that you truly love migrants, the proof must begin from you. You must have to play your part too and this includes ensuring that they are not discriminated against in everyday services especially in the job sector when they arrive in the UK. Are you ready to give that assurance? I so much doubt that! The change must begin from you and not from the Prime Minister or the Tory Government. We are all agents of change and must do our bits to help these people otherwise our actions would be akin to sitting on moral high horses.

By the way, let us look at those talking. Here in the UK to be a barrister (I do not say a solicitor), if one of your parents or family member or friend of the family is not already in the profession, you probably would definitely struggle to get a pupillage and that struggle would be like a camel going through the eye of a needle or looking for a needle in a haystack.

These judges and barristers are where they are today because of the benefit of their parents discriminative attitude against those who have no barristers in their own family. Their parents overlooked merit and shamefully concentrated on bias, nepotism and 'family connection' to get them where they are today. It is because of this reason that barristers here in the UK are often sons and daughters of barristers, judges, KCs and QCs who themselves descended from long line of barristers, judges, KCs and QCs. I dare you to give me 10 names of barristers in the UK who do not fall into this category and I shall buy you a hot chocolate!

It is a shame that being a barrister is still one profession or vocation where corruption and nepotism is still very rife and nobody is doing something about it! And to think that these people are custodian of justice in the society makes you to begin to wonder about the quality of the legal system in this country.

I am therefore appalled that these lawyers have the gut to utter absolute rubbish and balderdash to make us believe that they like migrants and those from the lower class. They occupy juicy positions in the legal profession and using that influence are preventing others from climbing same ladder because they are busy making provisions for their sons and daughters and grand children and great grand children. And they still have the audacity to talk rubbish. Look at who is talking: a pot calling a kettle black!

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