Sunday, 11 December 2016

Question God! Go beyond boundaries! Yes you can!

I find it distressing and disappointing when people refuse to use their brain and thinking faculty! What on earth makes you think that you cannot think for yourself? Would it be a crime or a sin for you to sit down, speculate, observe, rationalize and come up with a novel answer to a problem so that others can learn and begin from where you stopped? You can think! So think!

You don't have to believe it just because the Koran or the Bible said it or because Mohammed or Isaiah said it first. Subject those claims to analysis and I bet you, you will see the wonders your brain and thinking faculty can perform!

Why would you go on barefoot in London in the middle of hurting winter? Because you are a member of Celestial Church or because your pastor said that is what God wanted? I so much doubt God would want any of his children to die of hypothermia!

How about facing the east to pray? Does it mean that God cannot answer your prayer if you face the west, south or north? Did He not make them all? I mean did He not make all directions? Why would He specifically choose east? Does it mean that He consciously created the four directions and suddenly chose one over others?

The issue here is that people have refused to reason and use the brain God gave to them. Why would you have to do something that does not make sense to you? You don't have to do it if it does not make sense to you! It is as simple as that and not a rocket science!

How about the woman who had a bad dream and ran to the church to sleep for three days? Does it mean that God is no more in your heart and in your house? Must you pray in the church or mosque when God said that He is everywhere at all time?

And you, who pay tithe everyday, have you ever asked your pastor or imam for the church or mosque account book? Who says you cannot question him? Even if he is God, you still need to question him! I question God too all the time. In fact everyday!

I have always asked God why on earth He made men with nipples when men are not expected to feed any child. I have always asked him what happened to his sense of perfectionism when He ended up making organs in human body asymmetrical. Could you believe that two breasts in a woman are not of equal size? Not even your balls as a man are equal! Why would God do such a thing?

And the most annoying thing is that when you ask, a thinking and rationalizing human will ask you not to question God. Hell no! God must be constantly questioned until we get all the answers to our problems from Him.

And for you who refuses to question him, best of lucks in your ignorance and myopic mind.

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