Friday, 24 August 2012

When God abandoned His People!

Sometimes, somethings seems strange to me! That feeling haunted me mercilessly during the just concluded London 2012.

I have often asked myself why on earth would God abandon his people, children, I mean those who love, cherish and worship him day and night, months in and months out and year in and year out! The last thing you would expect from God is to betray those who love Him.

I am taking this personal with God and I hope He does not take it personal with me. I noticed a trend during the aforementioned games; it seems to me that those countries where ‘evil’ is enthroned and worshipped as a way of life performed better in comparison to those countries where love, fear and worship of God is a modus vivendi.

Take Nigeria for instance. Which country in the world is more religious than we are? Just name one! Every Sunday our churches are filled to the brim and overflowing. This is also the case with our Mosques on Fridays! The implication of this trend is that ours is a nation under God, a God-loving and fearing country. This is a fact beyond reasonable doubt! But if you still doubt it, say ‘Good Morning’ to a Nigerian he will reply with ‘God is Good’ or ‘Insha Allah!’

The southern part of Nigeria overflows with Christians and churches everywhere with names that will dwarf biologists and their botanical shenanigans. We even have churches whose names end with ‘PLC’ and ‘Limited’ and even mosques that continuously play ‘Allahu Akbar’ from their ubiquitous minarets from morning till night as if they are telling God “Oi, if you are deaf, we bet you must hear this one!” In fact, the south of the country cannot even match the north in their love of God. I can assure you that in every street in the north of Nigeria there are mosques!  I can therefore reasonably prove to you that we love God and am sure He must love us too in return!

And even when it comes to making laws to make God happy, we are in the lead. You dare not commit adultery, fornication, steal or commit those other sins against the law of God or forbidden by Allah because the consequences are clear; you certainly will not live to tell the tale and if you do, it will certainly be with a chopped hand; long sleeve or short sleeve but I think the Muslim north unlike Sierra Leoneans prefers a short sleeve. Buba Bello Kare Garke Jangebe, the first Nigerian Muslim in the modern century to have his hand chopped for stealing is my witness!

How about homosexuality? Nigeria has the distinction and envious record of being the second most homophobic country in Africa with a severe anti-gay bill still on the table to punish those who are, who praise or who associate with homosexuals with up to fourteen years imprisonment. I bet God must be so pleased with us!

But despite all these acts of reverence and goodness to God, how come He deserted us at that point in time when we needed Him the most? He abandoned us to the extent that we made fun of ourselves in the full glare of the public; just like dancing naked, bare buttocks in the public. God I must let you know that this is completely unacceptable. We have been playing our part in this contract with you and when the time came for you to play your part you absconded. This is a complete breach of contract God!

How can you leave Nigeria to go home from London 2012 without even one medal! This is ridiculous God! How can that be possible even when countries like China that does not officially recognize you hauled home almost all the medals meant for the game. How about the United States and United Kingdom, two countries known to have gay-friendly laws and even condone gay partnerships/marriages?

How could you have allowed them to go home with medals whereas Nigeria where gays are severely punished in accordance with your will went home in shame with nothing? I do not get it God! Can you please explain it to me? This is very embarrassing and to think that Nigeria spent over two billion naira to go home with nothing makes the whole scenario look like a joke! God, this is so unfair!

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