Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Those women with extra male hormones perform wonders…Please let them be!

I understood that sometime ago, just before the commencement of the London 2012, the Nigerian national female football coach sacked all the lesbians and 'tomboys' in the team. Her reason was that lesbians and 'tomboys' have no place in Nigerian culture and by extension in the female football in the country. How she arrived at who is or who is not a lesbian is still a puzzle Okumephuna is yet to understand!

For 'tomboys', definitely when you see one, you will know! They behave like men, hence the name 'tomboy'. But does being a 'tomboy' translate into being a lesbian? For those who are educated, enlightened and are at home with the science of chromosomes, the answer is obvious and it is NO! And that should be in capital letters!

The reason why some men behave like women or appear very effeminate or some women appear like men or behave like 'tomboy' boils down to one thing and that is our sex hormones. We have three of them and they play various parts in both men and women's sexual development and maturity.

The hormones made by the ovaries are known as female sex hormones and the two outstanding ones are the oestrogen and the progesterone. The ovaries also produce some of the male hormone, the testosterone. In a nutshell, women sex hormones are mainly oestrogen and progesterone while that of men is called testosterone.

From the above, the implication for a woman who is unlucky to produce too much male hormone called testosterone would be that she will mostly likely end up appearing more like a man than a woman or what we call today a 'tomboy'. This will not mean that she will be a lesbian or that she is a lesbian. In fact, a lady could be a 'tomboy' without being a lesbian just like a guy could be so effeminate and still be a gigolo!

However, I am strongly of the opinion that there is a correlation between too much female sex hormones in a man being responsible for his being gay just like too much male sex hormones in a woman could make her to be a lesbian! This is not a scientific view but I am of a strong opinion that there is a high percentage of truth in this assertion. This situation could also lead to bisexuality and this is a simple science!

Now the main question becomes if the Nigerian coach was right in sacking those lesbians and 'tomboys'? My answer is NO! She was wrong and her decision stinks of ignorance, bigotry, lack of knowledge and not being at home with the science of chromosomes. And we saw the consequences in the just concluded London 2012; a woeful failure by our female competitors especially in games like sprinting.

In some games, lesbians, 'tomboys' and those women who have too many male hormones have more advantage when compared with other women with normal average hormones. Some examples will suffice here. Look at sports like female football, boxing, BMX, javelin and discuss throwing and similar sports, women who are lesbians, 'tomboys' or who have too many male hormones often dominate and the reason is obvious; because they are either lesbians, tomboys or have too much male hormones. This statement however does not mean that all of them are lesbians, tomboys or have too many male hormones. But it is certainly true to a reasonable extent to associate their prowess in the game to these three factors! Believe me!

It is therefore sad that this ignorant coach took such a rash and unwise decision and this action calls for an urgent need for Nigeria to always think twice before taking decisions that will come back to haunt her. We need these girls and please let them be. Those extra male hormones perform wonders in sports! London 2012 is my witness!

This article is highly opinionated and I declare that I have no conflict of interest. Your criticism and contribution to the debate is therefore highly needed!

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