Friday, 24 August 2012

My Extraordinary Ordinary Balls!

Out of curiosity and in the name of research, I asked for and was referred to a specialist for a Scrotum Ultrasound Examination and the result is just out. Call it a silly research but am loving it! The interesting part of the result is the size of my testes! The right testis measures 45x19x30mm while the left one measures 37x16x24mm. A human testicle is often measured with an orchidometer and is typically 15 to 25 ml in volume.

The interesting thing about this result if you noticed it is that both testes are not equal in size! That is nothing to worry about for that is normal. No human has testes of same size because testes are supposed to be an asymmetrical organ. Asymmetrical organs are those organs of the body that are not equal even though they are identical and are meant to perform same function. Apart from testes, breasts are also asymmetrical organs.  No woman on earth has two breasts of equal size. In fact, one breast is always bigger than the other! I bet you did not notice that either because you are more interested in sucking them than measuring them!

There is no medical explanation for the difference in breast or testes sizes on the same man or woman. The difference in size arises from the fact that in the human body, left and right organs are never the same size. From the left and the right cerebral hemisphere, the left and the right lung, the left and the right kidney and even the left and the right nostril are never the same size.

Does this mean that God is after all imperfect? Not really! It only lends credence to the fact that contrary to the popular belief that God made man, man actually evolved through a long process of evolution. This is true otherwise God would have made everything perfect since He is summum perfectum!

The human body, from the most beautiful models to the ugliest man on earth is disproportionate and this means that no two organs are equal or have the same size. If you measure the length of the hands and the legs, you will find that they are not the same. One organ must be larger than the other. Humans are not symmetrical. The left side and the right side have different sizes and so are the organs that are found on either line of the midline.

Should you therefore worry about the difference in sizes of your organs? Of course not! It makes no point to cry about disproportionate breasts when the kidneys, the ears, the lungs and the nostrils are all disproportionate. It makes no sense to worry about the different size of your nipples when they are functioning properly and none of them shows any signs of sickness or deformity. Different organ sizes are perfectly normal, asymmetrical breasts and nipples are perfectly normal.

So enjoy those balls and those breasts!

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