Friday, 24 August 2012

HRH Prince Harry of Wales: The Emperor With No Clothes!

I understood that the naked photos of HRH Prince Harry of Wales which were taken in Las Vegas may not be published here in UK newspapers for the fear that it might have violated Harry's privacy. But I do not get it! I think Harry violated his own privacy by taking his clothes off in front of strangers in faraway Las Vegas.

A Prince should always behave as one both in the kingdom and outside the kingdom and even in the privacy of his hotel suite with total strangers and must also always be aware that we are following and watching him. He might claim that he has a right to the freedom of privacy but so do we all have a right to know about our heir presumed and third in line to the throne.

But anyway, I so much doubt he has got any claim to privacy at all! Being third in line to the throne, we are so much interested and curious about anything about him. He should therefore not lead us into temptation and plead right to privacy! Seeing the emperor naked is one huge temptation none of us could resist especially in this era of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

But if I should ask, what exactly was going on in his head when he was so carried away to the extent of showing his royal bum and dick to total strangers and commoners in Las Vegas?  Not even in any other less sinful places like London, Rome, Florence or Moscow but the ultimate Sin City: Las Vegas! This is a behaviour quite unbecoming of a prince and therefore completely unacceptable.

However, in respect of our local law here in England I have decided to remove the pictures in question until after my research on our privacy law and as soon as am asure that am not violating his right to privacy, the pictures will be back here again!

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