Friday, 7 May 2010

Jacqui Smith: ‘Atrocious Barbaric’

One good thing I learnt from the embattled British Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith is that there is no way you could build legality out of illegality. Jacqui Smith was responding to the suggestion of legalising about 750,000 illegal immigrants in the UK when she used this expression. Jacqui has been a strong opponent of anything that has to do with legalising the illegal immigrants saying that they have to bear the consequences of their action which is to run away from poverty and persecution to pick menial jobs her own people are unwilling to do. She was passionate about this that she sanctioned the deportation of a woman dying of cancer in a hospital in Wales. Ms. Ama Sumani, a widowed mother of two, was deported while receiving kidney dialysis and treatment in the University Hospital of Wales in January this year. The drug-thalidomide-she needed to prolong her life is not available in Ghana. She passed away in Accra, Ghana, hours after being told that friends and family had found doctors in the UK and South Africa to treat her. They had also raised more than £70,000 from donations to pay for drugs which were not available in her home country of Ghana.

Sumani came to England as a student in 2004. Her lack of good English prevented her from taking up her course and she then sought work, which broke the rules of her student visa. With this scenario one begins to wonder who gave her the visa in the first place despite her poor English. News of her death re-ignited the controversy surrounding the decision to deport her in the first place. The Archbishop of Wales, Dr. Barry Morgan said her death was on the nation's conscience while an article in the respected British medical journal ‘The Lancet’ described it as an "atrocious barbarism". It is therefore with joy that I received the news of her intention to resign from the cabinet following serious allegations of misconduct levelled against her. Jacqui Smith is not fit to be a politician and she is an epitome of what wickedness is all about. She lacks an active conscience, humanity and compassion within her heartless heart and it was basically because of this that she used the taxpayer’s money to pay for adult movies watched by her husband. In a very simple term adult movie means pornography.

Putting into consideration her stand on no amnesty for illegal immigrants, one would think that Jacqui Smith is an epitome of law and order and respect for the tax payers but the event of the past few weeks suggested otherwise. Smith is not from any angle what she claims to be and right from the day she sanctioned the deportation of Sumani, I concluded that she will go the same way. In fact her intention to resign is just the beginning and I have no doubt that she will end up the worst way compared to this poor woman she killed. Jacqui has no sense of decency and respect for human life and not resigning after the deportation of the woman is a shame on all of us. It is also a very big shame that only few people raised their voices in protest over that ungodly decision. Democracy is a form of government that relies heavily on the voice of the people which is the voice of God and having the effrontery to heedless the voice of the people and God for her to stay, the Labour Party and all those involved in that barbarism must be punished by voting them out in any election. Politics without morality ends in the bin and that is actually where that of Jacqui Smith and her cohorts are heading to.

A person who has no respect for the sacredness of life usually does not meet a good end. Jacqui Smith in as much as she is resigning from the cabinet should also be forced to resign from the British politics and prosecuted for a gross misconduct in the office for what she did with the tax payer’s money. How the mighty fall. The rise and fall of Jacqui Smith! In as much as am not laughing over her down fall, I strongly associate with her downfall and hope she learns a lesson from her heartless heart devoid of human milk and compassion. I hope she takes a trip to Ghana to say sorry to the children of Ama Sumani for killing their mother otherwise she cannot expect to see goodness in her life for depriving motherhood to the two kids Sumani left behind.

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