Thursday, 20 May 2010

Homosexuals: Do They Have Rights?

I have to begin by quickly hitting the hammer on the nail. All of us have heard not for the first time but over and over again that some men like men, some like both men and women, some like to dress like women while others would prefer having a surgery to turn from a man into a woman and vice versa. When I say vice versa I mean some women fall into these groups too. There are others too, even though they are men are psychologically and emotionally wired to think they are women. There are women like that too. We all know about this and therefore let us not pretend to be shocked. Men who like only men are called gays. Their female counterparts are called lesbians while those who like both men and women are called bisexuals. Those who derive pleasure from dressing in clothes considered appropriate to the opposite sex are called transvestites while transsexuals are born with the physical characteristic of one sex but emotionally and psychologically feel that they belong to the opposite sex.

The summary of the above intro is that we have lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals amongst us. They have been there for millions of years and will continue to be till the end of the world. We should get that fact straight! There are here and there and yonder. One famous maxim within the gay community captured it aptly: “We are here, we are there, we are queer”. I therefore think it is high time we began accepting that fact and accepting them for who they are for they will never go away. They are an integral part of the universe and God’s purpose here on earth. A recent Stonewall homophobic campaign put it appropriately, ‘Some men are gay. Get over it’, and that is the simplest truth ever told in the history of mankind. It is a fact that being gay-a term am going to use to refer to both gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals in this article-cuts across all level and ladder of human existence. They are doctors, teachers, prison officers, politicians, pastors, administrators, scientists, musicians and any other thing you can think of including popes. Just like other human beings, they are good and they could be bad as well as ugly. They have talents just like every other person and breath and walk and have their being in the same God as every other person. They are in every country including Iran where President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied they are and Nigeria where the former Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe told a group of learned audience in Geneva that they do not exist. He told lie and his audience knew that. Gays are simply everywhere.

The question here therefore becomes why some people are gay. I do not intend to answer the question here because that is not within the scope of this article. I intend to revisit that question later in another article. The main motive here is to argue that gays are human beings just like every other person and being human beings they also have human rights that should be protected and respected. My intention here is never to engage in religious lucubration; I am only interested in human rights and dignity after all religion has been playing a vital role in fanning the embers of homophobia. Many people are of the opinion that the ongoing homophobic attacks on the persons and dignities of gays are justified and should be tolerated. I do not share same opinion or sentiment. The world should have come of age to appreciate the fact that human rights are sacred and inalienable and that people should be allowed to live their life so far it is consistent with the law and does not infringe on the rights of others. It is very easy to condemn others but very difficult to proffer a solution and that is the reason I have chosen over a period of time to modify my philosophy of life and the core of my philosophy is that I will never remain silent or neutral when people are going through a difficult time as a result of their race, ethnicity, colour, language, sexual orientation, nationality or whatever other classifications unscrupulous people have invented to torment others.

People are going through hell today because they belong to a particular group or have certain features that are not as a result of their own making or consistent with what others expected of them or think they should be. Some white people still refuse promotion or employment to black people even in the UK simply because they are black. Due to equality law, they might end up giving other excuses for not employing them. UK is even better; other European countries could be a nightmare. Some blacks too are not even helping the matter. Some still have grudges against white people and Africans because of slave trade even though they are not directly affected by that evil trade. This is exactly the case amongst the Caribbeans who continually blame Africans for selling them into slavery. People are simply going through hell because of all these useless and baseless classifications and accusations. People are ridiculed all the time because their English is not as perfect as that of the Queen or because their table manners are not up to the standard of their host. The pathetic side of the whole scenario is that all these boundaries were simply man made. That is disgusting, appalling, pathetic and completely unacceptable.

Back home in Africa, my cousin's triplet would have been killed if they were born before the advent of white missionaries in the Igbo land of Nigeria. South African blacks went through hell during the apartheid regime because there were blacks and that was just barely a decade after the last major ugly racial incidents in the United States. The ethnic hatred that resulted in the Rwandan genocide just happened the other day and the massacre of Igbos in the northern part of Nigeria is not yet forgotten. Or have we forgotten so easily the sad story of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire, that of the Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Jewish holocaust under the Nazi Germany. It is purely against this background that I have agreed that every individual in all parts of the world should be allowed to live their life without fear of intimidation so far it has got no negative impact on others. The right to live is a fundamental and inalienable human right and should be guaranteed. We may have our differences with people's sexuality but let that not be a reason for us to remain aloof when people are going through difficult times because of who they are sexually. Each time we refuse to condemn acts like this we degrade our personality as humans. Something in us diminishes and dies!

Homosexuality maybe deplorable but to the best of my knowledge, it is not as deplorable as corruption ravaging Africa today which has led to millions of deaths and millions of Africans seeking refuge here in the UK, Europe and America. It is not as deplorable as stoning a human being created in the image of God to death. It is not as deplorable as murdering a person created by God in the name of God. How can we tolerate the fact that people are being stoned, hanged, decapitated, imprisoned, ostracised and tortured just because of their sexual orientation? We cannot continue to remain silent and neutral for silence and neutrality empowers the tormentor and ridicules the victim. I say it again, no one can claim to believe in God and yet in the name of same God kill his fellow human beings. Any religion that advocates violence including killing in the name of God is not a religion. Most of us who are strongly against the homosexuals are heavily involved in fornication, adultery, abortion, sex before marriage, corruption, stealing, cheating and many other evils condemned by the same Bible being used to condemn homosexuals.

Where is the wisdom in condemning others of being sinners when we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory and mercy of God? It is purely because of this that Jesus Christ asked the hypocrites who brought the adulterous woman before him to be the first to cast their stone, if they have not committed such a sin before. And what was their response? They are all chickened away! That is the way all of us would soon chicken away if we don’t change our views towards these brethren. How can a man who claimed that murdering people in the name of God is a holy act condemn homosexuals? How can those who perpetrated the 7/7 bombing and September 11 debacle begin to condemn homosexuals. Or are the homosexuals the reason for the ongoing corruption and poverty in Nigeria despite being the second in Africa and sixth in the world in terms of oil reserve and even the highest in gas reserve. Or are the gays, lesbians and the bisexuals the reason for the never-ending war in Somalia and Sri Lanka. Are they the cause of the ongoing credit crunch? Are they the reason for the war between the Roman Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland? Did they cause the genocide in Rwanda? Are they responsible for the looting that has devastated the economy of African nations and rendered millions poor? Are they the reason why Nigerians do not experience uninterrupted power supply? Are they the cause of the bad roads, lack of potable water, insecurity, assassinations, high maternal mortality rate, lack of access to quality education and numerous other things taken for granted in the west.

I think we better begin to get our own lives and allow others to live theirs. The present day argument being used to suppress the gays, lesbians and homosexuals was used over 200 years ago to justify the slave trade and some are still using it today to justify killing in the name of God. Live and let live! I am a Christian, a Roman Catholic and come from a place very rich in history of oppression, suppression, corruption and injustice that ordinary water and electricity is a luxury. As a result of my upbringing, I see everybody as my brother. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, white, disabled; all of them are my brothers and I love them and thank God for the spice and variety they are introducing into this world. God is capable of doing everything, if He does not want any of them, He could have wiped them off the face of the earth within seconds. And so far He has not done that, I am inclined to believe that they are still precious in the eyes of the Lord.

Therefore, let there be no more hatred. We have had enough of hatreds, bitterness, walls and wars. Love and Peace should be the watchwords. Wherever there is peace and love and unity and brotherhood, that is where I belong and that is my father’s land. Ubi pacem, Ubi patria! And wherever there is hatred, oppression and victimisation, please count me out! And when I die I would want to be remembered more as that guy who never sought the riches of heaven and earth, but the universal brotherhood, equality and freedom of mankind! The founding fathers and those who drafted the American Constitution were well aware of this issue hence the inclusion of the ninth and fifteenth amendments in that famous constitution.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Gordon Brown: Why He Was Hated And Loathed Like A Criminal

It is now more than 24 hours since the exit of Gordon Brown as the leader of the Labour Party and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom but I am still here wondering why he was hated and loathed by many like a criminal and pushed to resign like a village buffoon. He went through a very difficult time and was obviously lonely and alone as a Prime Minister. Even those he trusted so much deserted him when he needed them most. They broke his fragile heart and forced him to defy the law of nature by aging so far fast more than his age within few months. There were resignations and betrayals here and there as well as mutinies and campaign of hatred everywhere; even from within his own Labour Party. They loathed him, wanted to bury him alive and even concocted many reasons for this outrageous campaign of hatred. But the fact remains that those who accused him of these wrong doings cannot in actual fact intelligently say exactly what he did wrong; they often repeat what others accuse him of. One quarter wanted him to resign alleging that he is the main architect behind the recession. Their reason is because as a Chancellor of the Exchequer for over 12 years he must take responsibility for what went wrong in the financial system. The other quarter accused him of being arrogant and ambitious. But who is not?

I am chagrined by all these accusations because in actuality there are many elements of untruth in them. It is true that Gordon Brown was the Chancellor up till the moment we entered the recession but he was also the Chancellor when the economy was good and everybody enjoyed it. How then could he be suddenly accused of being responsible for the recession? That is what the British Conservative-controlled media conspired and agreed amongst themselves to give us as the main reason for the clamour for his resignation. But there is no element of truth in it. One thing we all know is that this present recession actually originated from the American housing sector. Or have we quickly forgotten how we partied and enjoyed during the boom when he was the Chancellor. We wined and dined with him when the going was so good and groovy, how then could we be so callous to abandon him now that he needed our support. I am therefore finding it very difficult to believe that Gordon was asked to leave simply because of the recession. There is a major reason for that and that is because of where he came from.

The simple truth is that the English voters are simply tired of Gordon Brown because he is Scottish and the idea of a Scottish man lording it over them is one last insult they do not wish to continue to bear. They wanted by all means one of their own and the events of the last few months has gone a long way to give credence to this fact. Many of his party members who are mostly English either abandoned him or obviously conspired with their fellow English Conservatives to resign from his government so as to weaken it and pave way for his eventual resignation and a general election. They succeeded. I am disposed to believe that it is conspiracy amongst the English voters, some Labour members in conjunction with the Conservatives to oust Gordon Brown from the office, “after all we are all English and he is a Scot”. The fact that the Liberal Democrats agreed to form a coalition government with the Conservatives says a lot because in the first place they do not have anything in common and suddenly having something in common to form a coalition government with them points to the fact that the conspiracy was not against Labour but against Brown.

Gordon brown never caused the recession. The recession simply happened in obedience to the law of economics. Boom especially the one fuelled by greed precedes burst and that is what the United Kingdom is facing today. But seeing that those he led into boom as the Chancellor have suddenly turned against him during the burst shows how callous and wicked we could be. Very wicked to the extent that members of his own party who are supposed to work with him and be there all the time come rain or sunshine and support him suddenly chickened out. This is a pure sign of betrayal and a good example of an anti-party activity. The Labour Party is like a family and when a family has got a problem, they have to come together and look for a solution to it. Chickening out is a sign of cowardice. The issue of some Labour politicians washing their dirty linen outside is completely out of question and should never be tolerated or accepted. It is not a good sign to abandon your party when you are supposed to be there to offer your shoulder for your party leader to lean on when he needs you most. What the Labour did to Gordon is not fair and that is an injustice that may come back to haunt them. Yes he is Scot and so what!

Once upon a time he was praised for the direction he was taking the UK in the battle against the recession only to be demonised few days later by the same people. But the fact remains that of all the leaders of the political parties in the UK, Gordon Brown would have been the only suitable candidate to lead this country out of this mess. He has been there for over a decade as the Chancellor and actually witnessed the signs of events that led to this recession and bearing that in mind, he will recognise the green shoot easily when they begin to come out. The Tories are pro rich and would never care about what happens to the common man.

Gordon may not be an epitome of humility but compared to David Cameron, he is above Caesar’s wife in humility and this is one thing I admired in him which David Cameron and Nick Clegg lack from every aspect. They are both arrogant. In actual fact listening to David Cameron speaking makes me sick while Nick Clegg speech makes me to vomit. They are arrogant and this is very evident from the way they addressed Gordon Brown with impunity during the house debates. With this I begin to wonder where David and Nick are going to lead us with this their level of arrogance. Gordon Brown may not be good, which I so much doubt, but David Cameron would be disastrous while Nick Clegg is likely to end up as congealed oil in a hot frying pan. Gordon sincerely speaking worked under a very difficult and different circumstance. He took over the government at a point in time when the Labour rating was irreparably damaged to the extent that they were a laughing stock before the voters. He took over from the very unpopular Tony Blair who led the nation into war in Iraq. This war was very unpopular and people transferred their anger to Brown. And the fact that he is a Scottish man in English heartland never helped the situation; it was like from frying pan into the fire.

Before the 1707 Acts of the Union that amalgamated the Scottish and English Parliament, both nations have been a separate and distinct independent government. That Union was actually opposed right from the day the idea was muted before it eventually took place in 1707. Scotland has always seen itself as an Independent nation with a very distinct culture different from that of their neighbours the English. Over the centuries there have been wars and hatred existing between the two nations. The Acts of Union helped to mellow down the whole hatred. The 1999 Devolution of Power to the Scottish Parliament with the ascension of the Scottish National Party reignited the quest for full independence. The devolution has been used by the Scottish National Party to make almost all services either free or affordable to the Scots. The English are obviously not happy with this because their thinking is that their tax money is paying for the free services being enjoyed by the Scots.

Against this background, one could perfectly understand the reason Michael Martins the former House Speaker was quickly sacked and then the pressure that eventually led to the resignation of Gordon Brown. The Conservatives are very good in what they know how to do best; creating confusion and scuttling the good intentions of the Labour Party. What a shame that the almighty Labour allowed herself to be thus used.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Funeral Oration For My Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Friends, Britons, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury Gordon Brown, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them. The good are often interred with their bones. So let it be with Gordon Brown. The noble David Cameron told you Gordon Brown was ambitious. If it were so, it was a grievous fault and grievously did he pay for it. Here under leave of David Cameron and the rest-for David Cameron is an honourable man, so are they all, all honourable men-come I to speak in Gordon Brown's funeral. He was our Prime Minister, faithful and just to us and worked tirelessly to fix our poor economy. But David Cameron says he was ambitious and David Cameron is an honourable man. He brought many reforms home to the United Kingdom and who gained the most? Same people accusing him today of being ambitious! Did this in Gordon Brown seem ambitious? When that the poor have lost their job and home and cried, Gordon Brown wept and reduced the VAT from 17.50% to 15%. Ambition should be made of sterner stuff. Yet David Cameron says he was ambitious. And David Cameron is an honourable man.

You all did see how he toiled day and night, travelled round the world with Barak Obama, Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel in search of solution to the recession and all the hardships we are facing but he was insulted by all of us including Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the Commons. Was this ambition? Yet David Cameron says he was ambitious and sure he is an honourable man. I speak not to disprove what David Cameron said. But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did love him once and not without cause. What cause withholds you then to mourn for him? O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason. Bear with me for my heart is in the coffin there with Gordon Brown and I must pause till it come back to me. But yesterday the word of Gordon Brown might have stood against the world, now lies he there and none so poor to do him reverence. Oh Britons, if I were disposed to stir your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, I should do David Cameron wrong and Nick Clegg wrong who you all know are honourable men. I will not do them wrong. I rather choose to wrong the dead, myself and you, than I will wrong such honourable men.

But here is a letter with the seal of Gordon Brown. I found it on his table in Number Ten. It is his will. Let but the commons hear this testament-which, pardon me, I do not mean to read-and they would go and kiss dead Gordon Brown's wounds and dip their napkins in his sacred corpse. Yes, beg a hair of him for memory and dying, mention it within their wills, bequeathing it as a rich legacy unto their children. Have patience, gentle friends and fellow Britons, I must not read it for you cannot fathom how Gordon Brown loved you. You are not wood, you are not stones, but men and being men, hearing the will of Gordon Brown, It will inflame you and make you mad. It is good you know not that you are his heirs for if you should, something horrible would come out of it! Will you be patient? Will you stay awhile? I have overshot myself to tell you of it and I fear it would wrong the honourable men whose opposition led Gordon Brown to his death. I do fear it.

If you want to hear the will my people, then make a ring about the corpse of Gordon Brown and let me show you him that made the will. Shall I begin? If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. You all do know this office. I remember the first time ever Gordon Brown occupied it. It was about three years ago in Downing Street. That day he overcame ambition. Look at him now lying helplessly in that coffin. In this place ran James Purnell's betrayal through. See what a damage the envious Margret Beckett made. Through this the well-beloved Caroline Flint finished him off and as she plucked his acid mouth away, mark how Gordon Brown followed her as rushing out of doors to be sure it was Caroline Flint he knew from day one and made a Minister in his cabinet. For Caroline Flint as you all know should have been there for him because she was Gordon Brown's angel.

Now my fellow Brits, Judge how treacherous and unfaithful it was for the dearly beloved Caroline Flint of all to have done such a nasty act. Gordon Brown loved and trusted her! Her brutality was the unkindest of all for when the noble Gordon Brown heard of her resignation, ingratitude, more strong than traitors' arms, quite vanquished him and exploded his big heart and then our great Gordon Brown fell. Oh, what a fall was there, my fellow Brits! Then I and you and all of us fell down while bloody treason flourished over us. Oh, now you weep and I perceive you feel the dint of pity as well. Brits wait until you see the wounded corpse of Gordon Brown? Look you here, here is himself marred as you see by traitors.

Stay Brits! Stay good friends. Stay sweet friends! Let me not stir you up to such a sudden flood of mutiny. They that have done this deed are honourable and what pushed them to do this is what am yet to understand. However they are all wise and honourable men and will no doubt with reasons answer you. I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts. I am no orator, as David Cameron is, but as you all know, a plain blunt man who love and cherish his Prime Minister and that is why am allowed to address you. I have neither wit nor words nor worth, action nor utterance nor the power of speech to stir men's blood. I only speak the truth and I have told you that which you yourselves do know by showing you sweet Gordon Brown's corpse with his poor mouth and bid them speak for me. If this fate had met any of these honourable men, by now they would have stirred up your mind, body and spirit towards mutiny.

How I wish you all comprehend or can fathom how Gordon Brown loved and cherished you and this country. If you know, you will bear me witness that he deserves your love? Alas, you know not and I must tell you. Have you forgotten the will I told you of? Here is the will with his signature. To every British citizen he mandated to be given, as long as the recession lasts, their full salary from the coffers of the government till they get a new job. He has also bestowed upon you all his incomes, his private arbours and orchards. He hath left them for you and your children forever as a common wealth for your pleasures and recreations. This Gordon Brown, the son of a pastor and how do we get another like him so soon? Having heard me Britons, it is now up to you to decide what to do for your future lies in your hand. I am done and let Gordon Brown now rest in perfect peace!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Jacqui Smith: ‘Atrocious Barbaric’

One good thing I learnt from the embattled British Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith is that there is no way you could build legality out of illegality. Jacqui Smith was responding to the suggestion of legalising about 750,000 illegal immigrants in the UK when she used this expression. Jacqui has been a strong opponent of anything that has to do with legalising the illegal immigrants saying that they have to bear the consequences of their action which is to run away from poverty and persecution to pick menial jobs her own people are unwilling to do. She was passionate about this that she sanctioned the deportation of a woman dying of cancer in a hospital in Wales. Ms. Ama Sumani, a widowed mother of two, was deported while receiving kidney dialysis and treatment in the University Hospital of Wales in January this year. The drug-thalidomide-she needed to prolong her life is not available in Ghana. She passed away in Accra, Ghana, hours after being told that friends and family had found doctors in the UK and South Africa to treat her. They had also raised more than £70,000 from donations to pay for drugs which were not available in her home country of Ghana.

Sumani came to England as a student in 2004. Her lack of good English prevented her from taking up her course and she then sought work, which broke the rules of her student visa. With this scenario one begins to wonder who gave her the visa in the first place despite her poor English. News of her death re-ignited the controversy surrounding the decision to deport her in the first place. The Archbishop of Wales, Dr. Barry Morgan said her death was on the nation's conscience while an article in the respected British medical journal ‘The Lancet’ described it as an "atrocious barbarism". It is therefore with joy that I received the news of her intention to resign from the cabinet following serious allegations of misconduct levelled against her. Jacqui Smith is not fit to be a politician and she is an epitome of what wickedness is all about. She lacks an active conscience, humanity and compassion within her heartless heart and it was basically because of this that she used the taxpayer’s money to pay for adult movies watched by her husband. In a very simple term adult movie means pornography.

Putting into consideration her stand on no amnesty for illegal immigrants, one would think that Jacqui Smith is an epitome of law and order and respect for the tax payers but the event of the past few weeks suggested otherwise. Smith is not from any angle what she claims to be and right from the day she sanctioned the deportation of Sumani, I concluded that she will go the same way. In fact her intention to resign is just the beginning and I have no doubt that she will end up the worst way compared to this poor woman she killed. Jacqui has no sense of decency and respect for human life and not resigning after the deportation of the woman is a shame on all of us. It is also a very big shame that only few people raised their voices in protest over that ungodly decision. Democracy is a form of government that relies heavily on the voice of the people which is the voice of God and having the effrontery to heedless the voice of the people and God for her to stay, the Labour Party and all those involved in that barbarism must be punished by voting them out in any election. Politics without morality ends in the bin and that is actually where that of Jacqui Smith and her cohorts are heading to.

A person who has no respect for the sacredness of life usually does not meet a good end. Jacqui Smith in as much as she is resigning from the cabinet should also be forced to resign from the British politics and prosecuted for a gross misconduct in the office for what she did with the tax payer’s money. How the mighty fall. The rise and fall of Jacqui Smith! In as much as am not laughing over her down fall, I strongly associate with her downfall and hope she learns a lesson from her heartless heart devoid of human milk and compassion. I hope she takes a trip to Ghana to say sorry to the children of Ama Sumani for killing their mother otherwise she cannot expect to see goodness in her life for depriving motherhood to the two kids Sumani left behind.