Thursday, 25 February 2010

Drama Queens: Yar’Adua, His Clueless Cohorts And The Politics Of Intrigue In Nigeria

Hardly 24 hours after his return following a three month mysterious disappearance on an undisclosed medical trip in Saudi Arabia, had the drama revolving around the vacuum created by the sudden absconding from duty of the President of Nigeria, Shehu Musa Yar’Adua commenced in earnest, this time with lots of fanfares and dramas. It began on the early hours of Wednesday last when he was flown in from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia on an air ambulance. News of his arrival emerged after two planes suddenly landed at the presidential wing of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja and were met by a convoy of police vehicles and an ambulance. Soldiers lined the route from the airport to welcome him home. Yes, they did; bunch of drama queens!

A friend, Kwentor McWillymz Emeruwa who witnessed the drama while waiting to pick up her sister from the airport in the outskirts of Abuja had this to say, “It is painful my brother. I was at the airport waiting for my sister that morning. My brother you are talking of what you heard or read but I am telling you what I saw. He came back with a Boeing 777 ambulance and the iron First Lady came with a private jet. See troops of Arabic security men and the security men of this country. I was asking myself with tears, if my people could spend this kind of money for a man that is close to his grave in the name of power, what will the ones healthy enough do with the country’s resources”.

This drama may be funny to you but frankly it is not to me. I am boiling with anger! Why would Nigerians of all people be subjected to this type of mockery and psychological punishment and trauma? The fact that one man could do such a thing to over 145 million people sends a very clear message and the message is that Nigerians are not yet ready to reap the dividends of democracy. I made it very clear in my last article that the future of Nigeria lies in the hands of Nigerians. It is up to us to take our future into our hands and radically change the way things are done in Nigeria. Nigerians have been insulted enough and frankly no sane country, not even in Africa could tolerate such a drama as attested to by the recent events in the neighbouring Ivory Coast and Niger Republic. The fact that the second part of this drama commenced barely a month after the Vice President, Jonathan Goodluck was sworn in as the Acting President goes a long way to explain the motive behind the ongoing drama orchestrated by this sudden and impromptu arrival back to the country of President Yar’Adua despite the glaring fact that he is still not in good health.

The ongoing drama is a welcomed one, if not for anything, but to assuage our suspicion that Yar’Adua and his cohorts intentionally wanted to damage the image of Nigeria and return the country back to the stone ages. His action lacks any modicum of wisdom and could be best described as stupid, unpatriotic, irresponsible, selfish and wanton lust for power. He is sick and everybody knows that he is very sick. The better option would have been to remain in Saudi Arabia to complete his treatment or even to resign which is the best option for a person that uses his brain to think and not his stomach. Due to love, quest and lust for power, the sick man was dragged like a rag all the way from Saudi Arabia back to Nigeria just to scuttle the opportunity of Jonathan Goodluck to have his happy hours as the Acting President of Nigeria. Nigerians should have gotten this message very clear. We are too big to be an object of mockery by few idiots and lunatics in Abuja. Yar’Adua and his cohorts have an agenda. They do not want power coming to the Christian south and so they are bent on doing everything possible under the face of the earth to foist him on Nigerians even if he is at the point of death. This is sick, unbelievable and completely unacceptable. It makes me sick because Nigerians deserve better than this.

The era of ‘sit down dey look’ is gone. This is time for action and Nigerians must act to ensure that this madness does not get out of hand. Yar’Adua is sick and therefore not fit to act as the President of Nigeria and based on this singular fact, he should resign and I mean resignation with honour. What he simply needs to do is just to take a cab or even walk over to the National Assembly and inform the houses that he is choosing the better option which is resignation due to his bad health in order to take good care of himself. He must do this because we are tired of this endless drama. He should for the love of the country and benefit of Nigerians do this as urgent as possible. Posterity will be on his side for ever if he does. Honourable resignation due to sickness is not a bad thing. Even Fidel Castro of Cuba honourably resigned when he was too sick to continue as the President of Cuba. In Israel, the former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was in coma for months was declared permanently incapacitated, a decision that officially ended his tenure as Israel's leader. Sharon was declared temporarily incapacitated after he lapsed into a coma following a stroke and Ehud Olmert stepped in for him immediately as acting prime minister, but under Israeli law he served in that capacity for up to 100 days before an official replacement for Sharon was named. Why then must Nigerian case be different? Was anybody born to rule this country alone? Is there no other person that could take the mantle of leadership in the absence of Yar’Adua?

Yar’Adua as a matter of honour should resign. Failure to toe this honourable line should be followed up immediately with the option of impeachment. For the sake of suffering Nigerians, the Senate and the House of the Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is under a moral obligation to impeach him and there are many grounds for which that could be done. He came to power through a fraudulent and dubious means. Before he was elected, he failed to tell Nigerians that he is sick and therefore not likely to discharge his duties as the President of Nigeria. He hid that information from the electorates due to his lust for power. The mere act of hiding this information from the electorates was an impediment to the office he was elected to hold and that should be a reason he should be forced to resign because ab initio he should not have been elected.

Besides, the concealment of that vital information is costing Nigerian taxpayers millions of naira on daily basis; an amount that would have gone a long way to build a first class teaching hospital in all the six geopolitical regions of Nigeria. How much was he charged on daily basis in Saudi Arabia for all these treatments? How many of his family members were there with him? How much were they paying in the hotels where they were lodging? How much did it cost for him to be in a private presidential suit in the hospital where he was receiving the treatment? How much was he charged to be flown home in that air ambulance? How about his wife or even wives? Where did they stay when they visited him in the hospital in Saudi Arabia? And who is paying all these bills? Your guess is good as mine!

There is nothing wrong in Nigerians paying for the hospitalisation of their elected leaders especially the President but there is something fishy in this particular instance. This is a man who came to power through a very dubious means by rigging the election and concealing his medical condition. The game here is that when he becomes the president, Nigerians would then have to foot his medical bill since he is the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It worked and today Nigerians are being punished to bear the financial consequences of his lack of judgement, deception, lust for power and myopic northern hegemonic political jingoism. And we are bleeding to abject poverty and bearing the consequences of an action of one selfish individual. This is completely unacceptable and every sane Nigerian of various shades of opinion would readily agree with me. We all knew he was sick before he was foisted on us by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He has been suffering from pericarditis, an inflammation of the lining around the heart as well as a chronic kidney and skin conditions for at least 10 years now. In the past three years he was twice flown to Germany for emergency treatment and had visited hospitals in Saudi Arabia severally and in the process bleeding money out of the poor Nigeria. To add insult to an injury he vehemently refused to tell Nigerians what is going on with him. In previous interviews with the press he had always refused to say what he suffers from and has repeatedly said that his life is "in the hands of God". I have the deepest sympathy for his condition but we cannot because of sympathy forget to do the right thing. The right thing would be for him to resign or face impeachment.

Elsewhere, I noted with deep regret that these dramas have got a very bad consequence for all of us including the nation. People and nations especially the west would never take us serious since it is obvious that we are incapable of solving even a simple domestic problem in our own backyard. And since we cannot solve our problems, how on earth do we expect people and nations to do business with us? It is basically because of this type of drama that Nigeria was placed by the United States of America in a list containing name of countries whose citizens must be thoroughly searched and humiliated before they could board any flight going to the United States. That decision followed the failed attempt by an alleged Nigerian bomber to blow up an Amsterdam to Detroit bound flight last December. And to give them a moral boost the United Kingdom Border and Immigration Agency came up with a decision that slashed almost by half the number of Nigerians that could come and study in the Kingdom . To complicate the already compounded problem, those coming on short stay would no more be allowed to come in with their dependents and if they do they would not be able to work even as those doing sub-degree courses would henceforth only be allowed to work for the minimum of 10 hours a week, a 50% slash from the previous 20 allowed.

I thought that we should have learnt millions of lessons here; alas that was not the case. We just spiralled down to Act 2, Scene 1, of the whole drama. Who knows what will be the next step of the United States? Maybe a blanket ban on Nigerians coming to the United States and of course followed by the UK her main ally. But please God let it not come to that level! But before we begin to disturb God as usual, it is pertinent for Nigerians to know and appreciate the fact that God is not a toy or a robot. He is God and that is what He is and to the best of my knowledge He helps only those who help themselves. Nigerians therefore must act. We must make hay while the sun is still shining otherwise it would be completely difficult in the dark. I have no doubt that we have a leaf or two to borrow from the neighbouring Niger Republic as well as the Ivory Coast. I do not support or call for military intervention but dramas like these are just what the military are looking for as an excuse to grab power. Let it not come to that level but then Nigerians must act to curb the excesses of their unscrupulous leaders who are clearly out of touch with the people they are elected to serve.

Once again Nigerians have got a choice and the choice is to take the bull by the horn and move the nation forward or be forever in the same ladder with countries like Somalia. There is an obvious and imperative need for regime change and it has to be now. The PDP has messed up Nigeria. It is a can of worm filled with maggot-infested pot-bellied corrupt clueless idiots. Something drastic has to be done to break the stronghold of that epitome of corruption in Nigeria. A nation determines the kind of leadership it wants. If that privilege is meddled with, it is left with only one option; the kind of leaders it deserves. I am certain that Nigeria does not deserve these drama queens. We can have something more beautiful, trustworthy and decent than all these drama queens!

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