Sunday, 14 February 2010

Another Valentine: How About Showing That Love This Time To The Haitians By Making A Donation?

Today is Valentine's Day and oh by the way do the people in Haiti know it is Valentine’s Day? Your guess is good as mine. Am sure most of them are buried in their sorrow and pains to even remember that today is the special day of love. Who are they supposed to love when most of them lost their loved ones? This is a sad story. Most of them do not have somebody to tell them how lovely they are but you and me could do just that for them by making a donation, no matter how small it is.

We all know or claim to know about love, therefore am not here to lecture on the meaning or evolution of the feast of either Saint Valentine or the eventual adoption of February 14 as Lover's Day. Am not really interested in feasts celebrating love or stuffs like that because I belong to the school of thought that believes that everyday should be a day of commemorating love. Love is inherent in human nature and therefore must be celebrated at every time of the day. This moment of agony for the Haitians is a golden opportunity to show that we really care and love. Since love is blind, we do not need to have relations in Haiti to show that love. Love is infectious and the more you show love to other people especially to the people in a faraway place you do not even know, the more it is shown to you. By the way it is biblical; the measure you use for others would be used for you. Even Jesus Christ, the greatest philosopher of all time made it very clear, ‘Love thy neighbour as you love thyself’ for that is the greatest commandment of all.

Stories have been told of famous love affairs throughout the history of mankind including that well documented by William Shakespeare in his drama called Romeo and Juliet and of course the most recent love drama in a famous film called the Titanic featuring Leonardo Dicaprio. Even the bible noted that the reason for the death of Jesus Christ, the only son of God and the founder of Christianity was because of the love God has for us. He loves us unconditionally and because we have been so greatly loved, we must show that love back to others without discrimination for God first loved us without distinction. Freely thou received and freely thou shall give! Think of making a donation to Haiti to express that love or even buying products or songs in aid of the victims. In fact if you are really in love, close your eyes and dig deep into your pocket and make a donation to the people of Haiti. By the way, that reminds me you can donate by writing cheques or using your credit or debit cards, in case your pockets are cashless. Do it! Love does not give excuses.

Everywhere you go people are shouting of love. Think of millions spent every year just to print cards bearing the word ‘love’. There is love here and there is love there. In fact everywhere you go there seems to be love. This baffles me because in spite of this, human heart is still filled with hatred and bigotry. I think the reason is because man does not really love. He pretends to love but he does not know the meaning of that four lettered word called ‘love’. Man simply has refused to love. He blatantly refused to love despite the everyday pressure to love and numerous poems and writings extolling the virtues of love. The holy books are all centred on the theme of love, yet the more we read them, the more we hate. It seems that we do not understand what we are reading. The irony of the whole saga is that those charged with the gospel of love have completely thwarted the meaning of love and even turned out to be the most hating. They have taken it upon themselves to spread the gospel of hatred in the name of gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of preaching the gospel of inclusion so that none should be left out in the one fold, they have chosen to preach the gospel of hatred rooted in bigotry and hypocrisy thereby excluding some people. They have devoted much of their time promoting intolerance in the name of the gospel and the love of God. Even those we placed our hope on expecting them to understand more are not making any effort to understand.

How many times have we claimed to love only to chicken away when it come to proving that? That is not love. It is being selfish and cowardice. Love is not selfish nor is it a coward. Love is always there for good or for bad. It takes a stand and stands on it. It is there when things are moving well and in time of difficulties. It does not run away during the credit crunch and come back during the feast days. It is always there. Love does not discriminate and does not favour a part. Love loves holistically and absolutely. It does not look for a fault. It sees the fault and still loves. It is a universal phenomenon and one language we all understand despite our various tongues and tribes and differences. It is a very famous word and probably the most widely used word in the world and sadly the least understood. Love is a very simple word, very ubiquitous and yet very hard to comprehend. Often we tell people we love them but come to think of it how many of us do really love to the extent of laying down their life for the one they claim to love. Are we there all the time for the friend we claim to love or is the love only manifested when we are in need of something or need to satisfy our concupiscence.

Unfortunately our generation has completely distorted the meaning of the word love. They simply do not understand or chose not to understand what it stands for. When it comes to love, we leave the substance to pursue the shadow. To our generation it simply means having marathons of sex with the person we claim to love. When wounding a person you claimed to love begins to be love is what am yet to understand. For our age, the meaning of the word love has become sex and that is why it is an often repeated word during sex and rarely after that. I do not disagree with the fact that sex is still part of the loving process but what I do not understand is taking advantage of somebody we claim to love sexually in the name of love. A school of thought does not agree with me; to them, it is making love and not sex. I do not agree. There must be a clear distinction between love and sex.

There is no doubt that today in different parts of the world pants and condoms would be flying here and there and yonder. There is definitely going to be scenes of moans of pains and pleasure in the name of love and valentine but is that really what love and valentine is all about. Young women would be crying confusedly of the stuff either being too sweet or very painful or both at the same time while young men would be screaming, uttering gibberish and promising heaven and earth during the climax of the ejaculatory pleasure. Sadly, these promises they would soon forget not to talk of fulfilling and that is Valentine for you. Immediately after the whole business of sex, the whole promises of buying the young lady France when he travels to Peugeot would fizzle away in complete denial or forgetfulness. The saddest part would be that in three months time, these young men who were once madly in love today would be in complete denial of making the poor young lady pregnant. Some would go a step forward to deny knowing the young poor girl ever. Once more love is never in denial, it accepts his responsibility as a matured man.

Sadly, this is what we have made of love today. William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet must be turning in their graves. Love is there when we are going in and out and as soon as the end of that going in and out is achieved it stops till next time we are in need of that pleasure again. That to me is part of the loving process but a minute part of it. Love is supposed to be there at all time. Love is very blind. It is not only geared towards our opposite sex. It could be for a person of the same sex. It could be towards an animal. It could be towards the Mother Nature. It must not always be towards a living being. It could be towards a book, your laptop, you car, a radio, a person you have never seen, a person you have seen and even an object you could only imagine. And more aptly at this point in time, should be towards the Haitians as they mourn the loss of their loved ones.

A day like this is also suitable for us to show that love to people that we would not have ordinarily shown our love to. These are people who do not share the same opinion, view, belief, creed, colour or sexual orientation with us. We are ordinarily tempted to hate them because of their extreme views or their way of life which does not conform to our own standard and expectations or even because of the colour of their skin or their circumstances in life. This day is a day to tell our neighbour who is a member of the BNP that we do not share his views but we still love him. It is a day to say to our friends we rejected because they are gay, lesbians or bisexual that we still love them. It is a day suitable even for us to buy a bottle of wine for our neighbour and tell them that despite all these years of altercations over nothing that we still love them. How about the people of Haiti going through a very difficult time at the moment, we could out of love make a donation, no matter how small to express our love and sympathy towards them and their plight. Yes we can do that. It will not even take anything. You can donate anything even one pound. By the time all of us give one pound each we would end up making a world of difference. Think of how much you would spend unnecessarily today and think of the impact that amount would make in the life of Haitians.

Showing this love should not be limited to people in Haiti alone. We could buy a flower for the fireman for the nice job he is doing to keep our house and property safe from fire. Even for the weather man for predicting the weather for us as well as for brave men and women in the police, the army, the customs and even the immigration for the good works they are doing to safeguard us. How about the NHS, we could send a card to our nearest hospital saying thanks to them for being there all the time for us.

Today is the day we need to tell somebody that we love them, cherish them and that they are the apple of our eyes. On that note I tell you in particular that I really love you from the deepest part of my heart and please be aware that I will always love you come rain or sunshine. You worth it! Kisses over and over again!!!

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