Monday, 2 November 2009

Why Tony Blair Is Not Fit To Lead Europe

The news is that the ambition of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to be the first president of Europe has been scuttled. Personally, this is not a glad tiding for me because I am one of the greatest admirers of Tony Blair. He is an intelligent and fine gentleman and possesses all the qualities that could have made him a very good first president of the European Union.

His track records while he was the prime minister is still here to prove what manner of man he is and there is no doubt that British people are not in doubt that he did a lot during his tenure to uplift the image of the Kingdom as well as its standard of living. In the area of human rights he also set a record especially in the field of race issues, gay rights, minimum wage and law and order.

Also on record is the fact that Tony Blair was behind the rebranding of the once moribund Labour Party into the new Labour, reformed the English legal system as well as the House of Lords which resulted in the establishment of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in the style of the United States of America. By the time Tony Blair was forced by his own party to relinquish power suddenly, the Labour Party had reached the height of its glory. His exist orchestrated the gradual declining of the party principally because of the loss of confidence of the British voters on the party. This loss of confidence was mainly because of the role it played in the immoral invasion of Iraq. Another reason for the declining of the Labour party is that Tony Blair, born in Scotland was succeeded by another Scottish man Gordon Brown. They are from a place the English are not comfortable with.

Frankly the English are not comfortable with the idea of a Scottish man being their prime minister, hence the stiff opposition facing Gordon Brown and the steady decline of the support of the English towards the Labour Party. Also, the fact that the then Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martins and the Chancellor Alistair Darling are Scottish also complicated the already compounded problem.

It is interesting to note that what Gordon Brown is going through at the moment was what Tony Blair went through before his unceremonious exit from the party. In fact it is alleged that Gordon Brown and his group orchestrated the events that led to this final exit. Gordon Brown did it to fulfil his lifelong ambition of being a prime minister, unfortunately for him it backfired because the English are simply not ready to see a Scottish man prime ministering over them.

As noted earlier, Tony Blair made a good prime minister and actually made a history of giving the Labour Party three consecutive victories in three general elections. However, his greatest undoing was allowing himself to be deceived, brainwashed and used by the then president of the United States of America, George W. Bush, a bigot and a fanatic. This fatal mistake sunk his political ambition and career. In fact the last straw that broke the Carmel's back in his political career was his decision to go to war in Iraq despite numerous oppositions at home and evidences that George W. Bush was cooking up the theory of weapon of mass destruction as a front to invade Iraq to finish an unfinished business. He disobeyed the British electorates and they retaliated by capsizing his ambition. Besides, the messing up of the British Immigration system as well as his romance and eventual conversion to Roman Catholicism hastened the burial of his political ambition.

The English are very proud people and therefore saw his conversion to Roman Catholicism not only as an act of betrayal and treason but as a smack and a deliberate insult to their pride and what they stand for. The Anglican church, the former faith of Tony Blair is the official religion in the United Kingdom bearing in mind that the queen is both the Head of State and the Head of the Church of England and for Tony Blair to engage in any form of romance with the Catholic Church, the archrival of the Church of England is akin to playing with fire. The English may not ever forgive him or the Labour Party for this.

As well as taking the Blair’s conversion to Catholicism very personal and serious, the voters are also angry that Tony Blair and his administration messed up the immigration system. According to them, the Labour open door policy resulted to an influx of immigrants in this country. About 750 thousand of these immigrants ended up as failed asylum seekers, overstayers or illegal entrants and not providing a realistic and practical solution to the plight of these people-having opened the door for them in the first place-deeply infuriated the voters and in response they casted protest votes for other parties especially the minor ones. This action resulted in the election of far right parties to both the Council and European seats.

Tony Blair is aware of this and he knows that the immoral war that has resulted in thousands of deaths of both British soldiers and Iraqi civilians makes no room for reconciliation sooner. It is basically because of the Iraqi war that both the Labour Party and Tony Blair has been an object of criticism, opprobrium and opposition in the UK today. This also led to fierce domestic opposition over his ambition to become the first president of the European Union. The British voters do not see any morality or sense in proposing a man who joined the fanatical George Bush to wage an immoral war in Iraq to become the President of Europe. Not only the British share this sentiment, many Europeans do too.

It is therefore understandable the reason why his ambition to become the EU’s first president was murdered. Also interesting to note is that one of the main groups behind this campaign to destroy him and murder his ambition actually came from the home front. In fact the idea of having a Labour EU president presiding over a Conservative Prime Minister in the United Kingdom is very uncomfortable to the Tories. By the way, the Tories are convinced that they are going to win the next general election, hence the determination and zeal with which they backed the campaign to murder the ambition that would have brought honour to one of their own.

Outside the home front, another formidable opposition to Tony Blair's ambition came from Europe. Europe was strongly coordinated and furious in their opposition. They have reasons for that and they are very cogent. Majority of the British populace are Europhobia. They do not like Europe and do not want to have anything to do with the European Union. In fact they are contented with being on their own and that is the reason why parties like the British National Party and United Kingdom Independent Party are doing strong here. As a matter of fact, the latter popularly known as the UKIP was solely founded to drag the United Kingdom out of the European Union. How the United Kingdom plans to succeed without being part of the European Union is a mystery am yet to decipher. Against that backdrop then, how on earth do we expect Tony Blair to be the foundation president of the European Union when his own people are strongly Europhobia? Things do not work that way and that is the argument of the Europeans. The United Kingdom has to choose between being part of the Union and taking part in sharing the national cake of the union or taking the most honourable part which is leaving the Union and being on their own. But the idea of rejecting the Union and still wanting to head the Union does not make any sense at all. They do not go in pariparsu! It is a sign of superiority complex which is very dangerous in politics.

Moreover, the United Kingdom is not even using the common European currency which is the Euro. Frankly, there is nothing wrong with the pounds but the fact is that, if she wants to play a leading role in the European Union, she has to lead by example. I strongly doubt that any reasonable and sane mind in Europe would buy the idea of the United Kingdom leading the European Union without adopting the common currency. It is impossible and could be akin to seeking the British Citizenship and at the same refusing to pay allegiance to the Queen. That is not possible in the United Kingdom and just as that is impossible in the UK, so it is also impossible for Tony Blair to head the European Union because his home country does not identify with all the elements, beliefs and values of the European Union. He was a prime minister for 10 years and had all the opportunities to introduce Euro but he did not and this suggests that he may after all be a Europhobe too and a Europhobe is not fit to be the president of Europe.

The opposition is not solely centred on the currency issue alone. There is also the question of European visa. The United Kingdom refused vehemently to be part of the Schengen Agreement. The Schengen Agreement is a treaty signed amongst some member states of the European Union that provided for the removal of systematic border controls between the participating countries. The Amsterdam Treaty incorporated the Schengen Agreements into the mainstream of the European Union law. The United Kingdom opted out of Schengen's border control arrangements. The borderless zone created by the Schengen Agreements, currently consists of twenty-five European countries.

If the United Kingdom opted out of this agreement, how then could she morally stand to be the president of the European Union? That is not morally acceptable. It is completely unacceptable. The United Kingdom cannot eat her cake and have it. If she wants a prominent role in the European Union, then she has to play a model role and that entails living by all the rules, options and protocols of the EU without opting out to suit her own personal and national aggrandisement.

Every country in the European Union has its own national interests and pride to protect but they sacrificed it for the sake of the Union. This is what is called love and patriotism and if the United Kingdom cannot afford to show this love, patriotism and sacrifice, then she should not bother seeking to lead the European Union. It cannot morally lead it because there is no way she could lead an institution she opposes.

Therefore the decision to murder the ambition of Tony Blair to be the first president of the European Union should be welcomed as a moral and good development that is in the interest of commonsense, decency and for the betterment of the general populace of the European Union. The United Kingdom should reflect on her relationship with the European Union and decide to either join the ship or be on her own.

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