Friday, 2 October 2009

Lily-livered Murdoch And Pusillanimous Sun Newspaper: The Tale Of Two Visionless Birds Of A Feather!

I am still trying to figure out why reasonable and educated people read the Sun Newspaper. In a very simple parlance, it still baffles my imagination that people read the Sun Newspaper at all. I have taken my time to analyse in detail both the editorial policy and the house policy of the Sun Newspaper and it still flummoxes and eludes my imagination why a person would waste his reasonable money to buy a trash called the Sun Newspaper. Whatever is the reason, I am not going to be moved because a reasonable newspaper does not sale for 20p. Am better off spending it on chicken and chips!

A newspaper must have an editorial policy and must stand by it at all times because it is sacrosanct. It is like a bible to the medium. A newspaper that worth its name is judged by its ability to stand by a decision and hold tenaciously to a principle no matter whose ox is gored. A newspaper loses its credibility by saying one thing today and doing another thing tomorrow. It has to be rigid to a reasonable extent but at the same time must be flexible to an extent to reflect the changing and dynamic world.

I am not here to attack the Sun Newspaper and I will never do that. In fact I am one of the strongest believers in the freedom of the press and access to information. I have said it time without number that I am ready to use the last drop of my blood to defend the right of the people and the press to hold and express opinion without fear of intimidation. It is because of this reason that it is pertinent that I point out as soon as possible that my tirade is not against the Sun Newspaper per se but brainless people behind the editorial policies of the paper. This group of people is headed by the owner of the medium Rupert Murdoch.

In journalism two principal pillars guide every media and these pillars are the editorial policy and the house style. Through the former a newspaper is guided to make a definitive stand on issues, toe a particular line of argument, support a political party or even to denounce one. It is this right that the Sun Newspaper exercised few days ago when it publicly shifted its support from the Labour Party to the Conservative Party. I do not have any problem or issue with that. However my problem is that a newspaper just like a political party must be able to stand firmly at all time on what it stands for and must desist from being like a chameleon; always changing colour with events or a water Lilly floating aimlessly and endlessly.

I have taken my time too to look at the history of the brains behind the Sun Newspaper and from my investigation I am not amazed with the result. As a result of this I am therefore not baffled with the decision of the Sun Newspaper to switch allegiance from the Labour to the Conservative Party just like a prostitute switching from one man to another. Rupert Murdoch owns the News International which owns the Sun newspaper and has a notorious history of switching allegiance to a party he thinks is winning or going to win an election.

To be precise, early last year during the climax of the Presidential campaign in the United States of America, Rupert Murdoch in his myopic sense and calculation thought that Barack Obama is going to lose the election and shamelessly appeared on the television to publicly pledge his support for John McCain. The major reason for doing that is because Murdoch did his home work clumsily and came up with that stupid decision. It backfired because Barack did not only win the election, but won it with an overwhelming majority that is unprecedented in the history of American democracy.
It is the same thing that Murdoch has done again by publicly pledging support for the Conservative Party. From his own thinking, Murdoch has already concluded that Labour is going to be a failure and therefore instructed the Sun Newspaper to go public with allegiance and support for the Conservative Party.

Rupert Murdoch is not a gentleman. He is a lily-livered person who floats aimlessly like a water lily. He has been very close to the Labour Party especially during the era of Tony Blair. He wined and dined with them and for him to come at this eleventh hour to denounce them is akin to St. Peter the Apostle denying Jesus Christ, not just once but three times. Why did he suddenly forget the good times with the Labour? I am therefore sick with the attitude of Rupert Murdoch and that makes me want to vomit. Murdoch has never been identified with a particular political party since he arrived in the United Kingdom from his native Australia. His, has been a history of switching allegiance depending on the party he thinks will win the election or the one in power. That is dangerous and a sign of irresponsible and dirty politics. His, is a politics of the end justifies the means and this is one thing we do not want near the modern politics. The era of politics as a dirty game and evil machinery is gone.

During the Margaret Thatcher era, Murdoch and his publications were generally supportive of her and the Conservative Party. He formed a very close alliance with Thatcher and the Sun Newspaper actually credited itself with helping John Major to win an unexpected election victory in the 1992 general election. When Thatcher and later John Major lost the election to the Labour, Murdoch switched his support to the Labour Party and formed a close bond with Tony Blair. The closeness of his relationship with Blair and their secret meetings to discuss national policies became a political issue in Britain.

Against this backdrop, there is no more doubt that Murdoch has a bad habit of dubiously supporting an incumbent party or the one most likely to win an upcoming election in the hope of influencing government decisions that may affect his businesses. I am therefore not flabbergasted with this latest decision to switch to the Conservative side. In fact Murdoch has been planning this for long. In June 2006, the BBC reported that Murdoch and News International, the parent company of the Sun Newspaper were flirting with the idea of backing Conservative leader David Cameron at the next General Election. He would later deny this the following month.

Rupert Murdoch is therefore not a person to trust when it comes to politics. He is neither focused nor principled and cannot say exactly what his dream or focus is all about. This is a legacy he unfortunately and shamelessly passed on to the Sun Newspaper. He switches from here to there and at the end of the day is nowhere. It is a shame that the British parties allowed people like him to tarnish the image of the British politics with his dubious and unsteady attitude.

I think it is high time we told people like him where they belong to. They do not deserve to be anywhere near the corridors of power because they are like virus that could infect and leave untold damage to the fabric of any polity.

Gordon Brown is going through a very difficult time as a result of a global problem he never caused and because of the fact that he is a Scottish man. He is never wanted by the English and therefore those reasonable and sane enough should know better that this is not the right time to abandon him. In fact this is the right time to tell the nation that solving the problems and challenges facing the nation is more important than where a person comes from. It is therefore a sign of political immaturity for the media and the English to want to slaughter Gordon Brown because he is not one of them.

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