Tuesday, 13 October 2009

House Of Thieves And House Of Illegals: The Odd Case Of A Pot Calling Kettle Black

I have been campaigning in conjunction with others for the legalisation of the illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom. I have been doing this for quite a long time now out of principle and conviction. This campaign began after being confronted with the ugly fact that people still live in an excruciating squalid condition worse than that of animals in the United Kingdom just because they are illegal immigrants. The reason I took up this passionate campaign very dear to my heart is because of my conviction that there is something like common brotherhood of man and universal fatherhood of God. I believe strongly in both. They are not just another phrase.

My belief is borne out of the fact that none of us is happy until all of us are happy. We are interconnected to each other that no matter how far we run away from each other we are still very close to each other. We are so close that things like Swine Flu, HIV and AIDS, Ebola and Polio, even though they are not good for humans, are reminders of how close we are to each other. It can pass from one person to another in a matter of seconds. Consequently, it becomes very imperative that whatever happen to others including their conditions and welfare should be our major concern too. It is because of this reason that am seriously in support of this campaign and would shortly initiate a Facebook campaign on that to be tagged, ‘The 750 Thousand Campaign: An Appeal of Conscience’.

The reason for this campaign is not because I am in support of illegal immigration. No! I have pointed out on numerous occasions that every country has got the right to secure its borders from illegal immigrants so as not to create a problem that would be very difficult for them to manage. Whoever wants to live in any country should follow the due process to do that and the host countries should also not make things very difficult for those who genuinely want to live in their country and contribute to its growths and development. They must have to work out ways for these people to tap the fruit legally and easily.

However looking at it from a very sensible and pragmatic point of view and putting into consideration the present scenario in the United Kingdom, they are things we cannot realistically do when it comes to dealing with the illegal immigrants and one of them is mass deportation of the illegal immigrants back home. Mass deportation could be a very thorny issue and could backfire. Am thinking of what would happen, if we succeed in deporting all of them back home. Their arrival may lead to formulation of policies and sentiments that could jeopardise the interest of the United Kingdom overseas. The possibility of these people picking up arms against those who deported them is also not remote. Though we are not praying for this scenario, it is still a possibility and that is why we are in support of any decision that would not leave them and their children out in the cold.

According to the London School of Economics, there are an estimated 750 thousand illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom with the highest concentration in the London area and going by the policy of the three main parties in the United Kingdom today, all of them would have to be deported back to where they came from. That could be ludicrous and practically impossible and even if it is possible and going by the rate by which illegal immigrants are being removed in this country presently which is about 60,000 a year, it will take about 34 years at the cost of about £11,000 each to remove all of them. At the end of the 34 years it would have cost the nation about £9bn to remove them all. If they are allowed to stay, they could contribute that to the national purse in form of taxes and National Insurance.

In a nutshell, it is impossible and laughable to pursue this line of solution since it is never going to work out and whoever advocates for it should have his sanity questioned. The only solution therefore becomes doing the plausible, reasonable and moral thing and that is legalising those already here while securing the borders from those yet to arrive. This is the simplest thing to do and common sense bears testimony to this.

But the main obstacle to this line of solution is that the leaders of the three main parties in conjunction with the Nazi British National Party are in agreement in rejecting this line of solution and the reason they gave is that if that is done it would tantamount to legalising illegality and encouraging others to come in. I have also on many occasions rubbished this line of argument as simply idiotic and myopic. The fact is that these people made a mistake and that is it and having made that mistake the next line should be a solution and that is why legalising them makes more sense so that they could begin a new life even as the Boarder and Immigration Agency should work towards securing the boarders against those yet to enter illegally.

Morally this is very okay because we are dealing with human beings and not animals. Even pets here in the UK including dogs and cats are treated better than these illegal immigrants and to the sane minds, it becomes completely ironic, cynical and unacceptable that animals are treated better than fellow human beings. I have seen people who left millions of pounds in their will for their cats while others take their dogs to the gym and sauna and treat them like kings. Is it difficult then for us to do same to these people? Even stray dogs are given a sanctuary by the RSPCA, why not these people?

Unfortunately the three party leaders do not see it from this angle. They are persistent in their rejection of the proposal. Gordon Brown of the Labour Party said a capital NO. David Cameron of the Conservative Party said over his dead body while Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats said that if that happens there shall be fire and brimstone in the United Kingdom. They are in one accord and unrepentant about their decisions and according to them, these illegal immigrants did not make any mistake. They wanted to come and stay and therefore should not be encouraged.

Putting into consideration their line of argument, one is not left in limbo that Gordon, David and Nick are all perfect and honourable men who do not make mistakes. To them, things must be done the way they ought to be done. Due process must be followed. But that is not true as three of them are heavily implicated in the findings of Sir Thomas Legg on the MPs expenses claims. They were found to have corruptly inflated their expenses. They crookedly made money out of the taxpayers. I think that is called fraud. They stole from the commonwealth.

Gordon Brown, the leader of the Labour Party and the Prime Minister was found to have defaulted to the tune of £12,415 while David Cameron, the leader of the Opposition Conservative Party must supply paper work relating to a £218 mortgage and Nick Clegg the leader of the Liberal Democrats must repay £910, which he has already agreed to pay back. And these are all honourable and perfect men!

It is ironic that these three leaders who have been on the neck and major obstacle to giving a new life and second chance to over 750 thousand people are still allowed to carry on as the leaders of their various parties. Party leaders are like a tree with many branches, branches being the MPs in the same party with him. If anything goes wrong with the tree then the whole branches are in a very big problem and that is exactly what is wrong with the three major political parties at the moment. The party leaders have eaten a sour grape and the now the teeth of the MPs have been set on edge.

The party leaders are sick and corrupt and therefore the MPs they are leading are also corrupt. Their corruption is unprecedented and lacks any modicum of decency. The Nigeria parliament sounds like a heaven now compared to the UK parliament. This country has been in recession for quite some time now. People are losing their jobs, industries and factories are closing almost on daily basis, private schools are finding it difficult to be on their feet while the purse of the nation is being drained as a result of increasing number of unemployment.

In the face of these scenarios, the three honourable party leaders, threw caution to the wind and had the audacity to corruptly claim more than what they were required to claim. Some sins are bearable but the idea of bearing the ugly fact that despite the hard time we are all going through, these leaders had the gut to rape the purse of the nation is unbearable. This is disgusting and completely unacceptable and the only option, left with them now is to resign honourably and bury their heads in shame.

This is not a mistake. The rules are there and they flagrantly broke the rule and the fact that they made and broke the rule, make the whole matter unforgiving. These leaders do not believe in making mistakes after all they do not believe that the illegal immigrants made mistakes in taking the wrong decision that made them to either overstay their visa here, enter here illegally or failed in their quest for asylum.

Bearing in mind the stand of the three leaders on this issue, they have to resign and handover the mantle of leadership to others in their parties deserving the post. Nick Clegg has got a lot of people to hand over his position to amongst the Liberal Democrats. David Cameroun could hand over to Boris Johnson while Gordon Brown should think of Alan Johnson or David Milliband.

The reason why it is very imperative and urgent that they do this is because they abused the office entrusted into their hands by the people. They have the mandate of the people to lead and that mandate was seriously abused leading the people to lose hope and trust in them. And because the people have lost faith, trust and hope in them, it would be ridiculous for them to stay put and continue carrying on with the business of looting as usual.

The sympathy they failed to show in giving a second chance to these illegals is also the same sympathy they lacked in looting the national purse in the name of expenses claims otherwise how would one justify this type of looting and the amount of money in question.

It is for this reason and for the sake of decency in politics that they should have to go and make way for others more decent and clean-who would capture once again the trust of the people-to come and take over the leadership of the nation. The idea of facing corrupt looters as leaders is heartbreaking and unbearable.

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