Thursday, 24 September 2009

The British Duplicity In Illegal Immigration: A Scar On The Conscience Of This Nation

In her defence of inadvertently employing an ‘illegal immigrant’ as a housekeeper, Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General of the United Kingdom complicated the whole situation by confessing that she also paid the National Insurance and tax on the wages of the 27 year old Loloahi Tapui, a Tonga national.

It seems that the British media did not see the duplicity in that statement. If they did not see the duplicity, it then means that the British media is also to be blamed for their part in the saga. In a nutshell, if the media cannot pick anything wrong with that revelation, the implication is that the British Media and not just the government and the general populace, have also an interest to protect and there is no doubt that they have, hence their mysterious silence over this revelation.

This confession and revelation by Scotland should have been the last nail on the coffin to seal her political and legal career. I am therefore amazed that despite that ridiculous revealing defence, she is still allowed to carry on with her job. Why? The answer is very simple! As the Attorney General of the United Kingdom, Baroness Scotland also oversees the Treasury Solicitor's Department and the Treasury Solicitor acts on her behalf in the court. She has supervisory powers over prosecutions including the Serious Fraud Office and the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office. As a result of this, she must therefore be aware of what happens in Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or at least have an idea of how things are run there. She must know something and cannot as the Attorney General plead ignorance. It is a crime in law to plead ignorance as a defence and a scandal for a legal luminary of an Attorney General rank to plead that.

In the United Kingdom, before an employee begins a new job or shortly after, he is expected to provide a National Insurance Number. It is with this number that his National Insurance contribution is credited to him as well as his taxation. The National Insurance pays for most of the essential services he enjoys including free medical care under the National Health Services fondly called the NHS. The National Insurance contributions would also him to receive job seekers allowance in the case of losing his job and to draw pension upon retirement as well as other benefits. The tax he pays just like the National Insurance contribution is also automatically deducted from his wages. Just like in every other country, this is an Income Tax and the tax is usually used to fund social amenities and other ancillary services provided by the government.

Before one is issued with a National Insurance Number in the United Kingdom, he has to apply and be invited for an interview where he is expected to prove who he is and his circumstances. This check is very akin to immigration check because that way, the National Insurance Number would not be assigned to a person not entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom. The interview is a face-to-face interview and the applicant is expected to bring along with him all necessary documents including Home Office documents and travel documents like passport to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is the person he claims to be.

If at the end of the interview the interviewer is satisfied, he issues the applicant with a National Insurance Number and afterwards sends the plastic card to him by post. Everybody is expected to have this National Number before working in the UK including those on temporary residence like Working Holiday Makers, Students, Missionaries, Artists and others in similar circumstances. No one is exempted. It is mandatory and against the law to work without having one.

In the case of Loloahi Tapui, it is understandable. She came to the United Kingdom as a student, finished her course and decided to stay back in violation of the immigration law. As a student, she has already been issued with a National Insurance number when she arrived in the United Kingdom for the first time and therefore could have had one and used it to secure the housekeeping job from Baroness Scotland. However there is another problem here. If Loloahi, gave her National Insurance Number to Baroness Scotland upon the commencement of her housekeeping job, how come did she not notice that she has an expired Student Visa in her passport, because the name in the National Insurance Number must correspond with the one in her passport. Moreover, why is Scotland, an Attorney General-an initiator of a law that demands a thorough scrutiny of an employee background before working-not able to identify the anomaly for good six months?

I therefore conclude that Baroness Scotland is not just lying but a part of well organised government syndicate making money out of the ‘illegal immigrants’ and at the same time refusing vehemently to grant them amnesty. As I noted in my earlier article on the Baroness Scotland saga, I was able to point out that a conservative estimate noted that there are about 700 thousand ‘illegal immigrants’ living and working illegally in the United Kingdom. I was also able to point out that out of this number, well over 600 thousand of them work and pay their taxes and National Insurance contributions. The remaining are either in private employment and do not pay or are not working at all.

Now, the question is who issued these 600 thousand ‘illegal immigrants’ the National Insurance Number to work with? How did they get the number in the first place and where are their contributions going to? To answer the last question, the contributions go into the coffer of the United Kingdom government! How then can the United Kingdom Government morally claim in all truthfulness, that it is not aware that these ‘illegal immigrants’ pay their taxes and National Insurance contributions into their coffer. They have a system and should have known that. It is very simple to identify them and that is the simplest truth in the world. Bearing this in mind then, why then has the UK Government continued to refuse to regularise their stay in this country despite years of immorally taking their contributions. You want their money but not them?

This is evil and an abomination in the sight of the Lord upon which the British democracy and monarchy is built. It is a scar, a dent and guilt upon the conscience of this nation that despite the contributions of these ‘illegal immigrants’, the government and people they are maintaining their lifestyle have vehemently refused to regularise them. It is therefore not a Baroness Scotland issue alone. It is a matter of national concern and the whole nation should answer to this immoral anomaly. The slave trade was abolished some 200 years ago and yet it still exists in the United Kingdom the citadel of modern democracy and Magna Carta and when I think of the fact that the United Kingdom democracy is a theocratic-parliamentary democracy, it baffles me how people could have the gut to commit such an alarming impunity and evil under the face of the earth and before the God they professed as, ‘Dieu et mon droit’.

These people have been maintaining our lifestyle and they are the reason why the United Kingdom is still alive and kicking especially at this time of global financial quagmire and yet not even one person, not even the bishops in the House of Lords, deemed it necessary to go on hunger strike on their behalf for the evil that is being perpetrated against them. These ‘illegal immigrants’ are adherents of various faiths in this nation and yet none of their leaders has come out openly to canvass on their behalf. Where is the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury? Where is the Anglican Archbishop of York? Where is the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom? Where are other religious leaders in this country and how can they claim to believe in God and serve in the name of God and their flocks are going through hell?

If the United Government cannot do anything to regularise the status of this poor souls, then the religions should take it upon themselves to do something. They have to unite and put pressure on government to act. Any religion without a social agenda and liberation theology is not worthy to be and no one can claim to believe and serve God while his brothers and flocks are going through hell. Religion is all about fraternity and communion and the fact that these Members of the Parliament including the Prime Minister who have been opposing this amnesty share the same cup and bread of communion in Jesus Christ with them makes mockery of Christianity and belief in God.

I therefore call on the Government to look into this anomaly. These people cannot continue supporting and maintaining our lifestyle with their contributions and yet we refuse to regularise them. This is evil and completely unacceptable and no religion, common sense and philosophy can ever condone such an evil. Even pagans would have done something, if they are faced with this type of dilemma. Why is it difficult then for Christians to do something, if not for anything but for the God they profess.

We cannot continue to block this amnesty for these poor souls. No! We cannot! No more! They are human beings who breathe, talk, walk and have their existences and beings in the Lord like the rest of us. There is no difference between them and us. We are all equal in the sight of the Lord. How can we justify spending thousands yearly on our pets, unnecessary travels, opulence and food wastage while fellow human beings are suffering, dying in poverty and living underground because of us. This has to stop. They are like a needle in our conscience and we should have learnt by now the nothingness of human life especially after the September 11 and July 7 debacles in New York and London respectively and even the ongoing recession.

Human life is insatiable and no matter how long we continue to deny these people a human existence, it would never make our own life better. We cannot continue to keep quiet and pretend as if nothing is happening. Something appallingly and awfully bad is happening and that bad thing is that millions are suffering and dying by instalments because we have refused to give them a second chance. Everyman man deserves a second chance and that is why we have continued courageously, rightly and wisely to campaign against torture and capital punishment in every part of the world. The fact that criminals are given parole and murderers are later released is a testimony that second chance is part and parcel of human nature.

Against this backdrop, these people deserve a second chance now. If we do not do anything, the nightmare may come back to haunt us eternally like the slave trade and the Jewish Holocaust. I do not by this article imply the endorsement of illegal immigration by any means. My argument is that the mistake has simply been made by these people and what we should focus on now is how to correct it. And any correction of the anomaly that would not seek to normalise those already here would be a disaster, a big failure, a shame on this nation and a scar we would have to live with forever.

Those already here should be normalised and carefully dispersed to various parts of the nation to avoid congesting London. Their normalisation document should also stipulate clearly that they are supposed to live and work in a particular part of the country. The government may also consider imposing fine on them to be paid at once or to be spread over few years or double their National Insurance contribution and taxation for few years or to certain amount as punitive measure as well as barring them from accessing the state benefit for some years. For the UK Border and Immigration Agency, it should also in the light of the exercise work towards securing tightly the borders of the country as well as sending educative and informative messages to countries where most of the ‘illegal immigrants’ are coming from to dissuade them from coming here illegally or face the consequences.

Above all the United Kingdom government should also work towards tackling this problem from the source. Deporting these poor souls would surely not solve any problem or make a difference. In fact it would be a drain on the coffer of the nation. The problem lies with their corrupt country leaders and using Nigeria as a good example one would understand my side of the argument. Nigeria, from her abundant human and natural resources should be one of the richest nations in the world but the ugly fact is that the opposite is the case. Despite having the most arable land on earth, the second biggest producer of oil in Africa and the sixth in the world with a very rich amount of gas reserve, the country still languishes in poverty, moral decadence and other social malaises. The leaders are very corrupt to the extent that masses think it is a way of life after all. It is a custom for an individual to steal public money and no eye brow is raised.

The most pathetic part of the whole story is that these thieves and looters steal from the national coffer and deposit the ill-gotten wealth in western banks including the United Kingdom banks. They also use the money to purchase properties including houses and cars here in the United Kingdom, give their children a befitting foreign education and foreign medical care whereas in their home country the teachers have been in industrial action for months while the health professionals are made to work with no medical equipment at all. When they ask for foreign aids and it is given to them, it simply ends up in their private pocket leaving the masses with nothing but more suffering and agony. They are simply helpless and therefore illegal immigration becomes an alluring option.

Despite these the west and the United Kingdom have refused to arrive at a way of sanctioning these corrupt leaders. The west must as a matter of urgency and a question and appeal of conscience go after these leaders in a very heavy way. I proposed investigating their foreign accounts and the source of their opulent life in the west with the view of sanctioning them as a deterrent for others like them as well as denying medical care and education to them and their children with a proviso that they should go back home to their country with the money to develop their own health care and educational sector.

This type of stupid behaviour on the part of the leaders of the third world countries is the major pull factor for illegal immigration in the west and the United Kingdom in particular. If this source is not tackled and seriously tackled too, the hydra-headed monster would never be killed.

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