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Baroness Scotland Broke The Law And Should Resign: All Animals Are Equal!

In 2006, Baroness Scotland of Asthal in the County of Oxfordshire initiated in the United Kingdom Parliament a very controversial, cynical and Nazi-like bill aimed at making it compulsory for the employers to carry out detailed and thorough scrutiny and check before giving a job to any prospective employee.

The expectation of the bill was to make it very difficult for the ‘illegal immigrants’ to get a job of any type and to discourage employers from giving them jobs and punish severely those who flout this rule by imposition of a heavy fine. The bill was as controversial as it was unpopular but due to the fact that it emanated from the Labour-controlled and dominated government, it was swiftly passed into law within a very short time despite numerous oppositions to its passage from the opposition parties, human rights groups and other stake holders in the nation.

Some of the reasons for the fierce opposition to the bill were because of its semblance to the Nazi Anti-Semite laws during the Jewish holocaust. During the holocaust by the Nazi Germany under Hitler, the Jews were mandated to carry identification cards and documents while employers in Germany and occupied territories were mandated to carry out detailed checks and scrutiny to ensure that no job is given to a Jew. Besides, the Jews were also mandated to wear a special uniform and yellow badge to distinguish them from the rest of the population. The yellow badge (or yellow patch), also referred to as a Jewish badge, was a cloth patch that Jews were ordered to sew on their outer garments in order to mark them as Jews in public. It is intended to be a badge of shame associated with anti-Semitism.

It is because of the fear of repeating this ugly situation that the bill received a very fierce opposition unprecedented in the history of the United Kingdom Parliament. Also the opponents of the bill were very afraid that it could pave a smooth way towards making the United Kingdom a police state were people’s privacy and details would be subjected to unwarranted intrusion by the agents of the state.

Interestingly, since the passage of the controversial bill into law, the Labour Government has gone an extra mile to authorise the police to store the DNA of innocent citizens in their databank, carry out stop and search at random-that so far the blacks and other minorities have been the greatest victims. In fact majority of those that have been stopped and searched since the power was given to the police were blacks.

Similarly, the same Labour Government also empowered the Border and Immigration Agency of the United Kingdom to go from house to house, bus to bus, undergrounds and in fact everywhere to stop and ask any person for their identification and the business they are doing in the United Kingdom. The end result is that the United Kingdom under the Labour Government has become that police state prophesised in ‘1984’ by George Orwell.

Against this backdrop and bearing in mind that whatever goes up must surely come down, Baroness Scotland was last week fined Five Thousand Pounds for flouting the same law she initiated by employing an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper in her home without carrying out the necessary checks and scrutiny as well as keeping the photocopies of the housekeeper as she proposed in the controversial law.

As usual and in line with the tradition of the blind Labour Party of Gordon Brown, she denied any wrong doing and claimed that she inadvertently employed her even as she foolishly stressed that the mistake of not making and keeping photocopies of her documents was just a technical breach and that she highly regretted the incident. She has since paid a Five Thousand Pounds fine but vehemently refused to resign despite the enormity of the case against her. In fact Gordon Brown-the proverbial one eyed man leading a group of blind people-before flying out to New York defended Scotland and claimed that it was an error in judgement that would not warrant dropping her from the cabinet.

However the fact here is that from the stories of what transpired, Baroness Scotland told quantum of lies and has never stopped lying. Moreover, instead of accepting that she knowingly and deceptively made the ‘mistake’, she chose to continue lying and playing with the intelligence of the British people. She is the brain child of this law. She invented it. She nurtured it. She incubated it. She mothered it. She mentored it. She wrote it and knows every single alphabet and word in it and therefore could not plead ignorance when she employed the ‘illegal immigrant’. Ignorantia legis non excusiat!

When Baroness Scotland was nurturing the law, she stipulated that employers must check the documents very well, scrutinise it with every attention and if in doubt check with the appropriate authorities before employing. She also mandated the employers to make and keep photocopies of the documents tendered by the employee. According to Scotland, she made all the necessary checks but forgot to make the copies of the documents. The question now is what are the documents Baroness Scotland checked and how can a seasoned legal practitioner and a Queen Counsel not have noticed a fake document from the original or even have that legal evidential inkling that something is wrong somewhere.

Baroness Scotland is the Attorney General of the United Kingdom meaning that she is the number one legal practitioner of the nation. She is the Alpha and Omega of law in this country as well as the custodian of the law of the land. She is the guardian of public interest, legal adviser to the government and the criminal justice minister. As the Attorney General of the United Kingdom, she oversees the Treasury Solicitor's Department (and the Treasury Solicitor acts on behalf of the Attorney General when representation in court is required). She has supervisory powers over prosecutions, including the Crown Prosecution Service (headed by the Director of Public Prosecutions), the Serious Fraud Office and the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office.

The Attorney General has also the public interest functions. For instance, as the Attorney General, Scotland is the trustee of default where a sole trustee has died, and can also take cases to the Law Lords where points of general legal importance need to be settled. In fact from the website of the UK Attorney General’s Office, “The Attorney General and Solicitor General-who is actually the deputy of the former and can carry out her full functions in her absence-have overall responsibility for the Treasury Solicitor and supervise the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the Director of the Serious Fraud Office, the Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office, HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate and the DPP for Northern Ireland”.

I am therefore very flabbergasted that a nation’s Attorney General was not able to differentiate between a fake document and an original one. This raises many questions on the veracity of what Scotland is telling us and if the Attorney General of the United Kingdom, who has a degree in Law and has practiced law for many years could not identify a fake document from an original one, how then do we expect ordinary citizens in the street and elsewhere to make these checks and come up with an accurate result. Something is wrong somewhere and that something is that Baroness Scotland is a liar and a shameless liar and should resign from that office.

Baroness Scotland from her actions has proved that she is no more worthy and morally suitable to be in that office and it would be an honourable decision for her to resign from that office. The Attorney General of a nation is an embodiment of truth and more so as a lawyer she is expected to say and uphold nothing but the truth at all time. If Scotland is lacking this quality why on earth should she still be in that office? She told lies and she has to resign and even if she did not tell lies, the fact that the Attorney General could not tell a fake document from an original one should be an urgent reason for her to resign and that will be on the interest of the nation. It simply means that she lacks the mental ability and agility to tender evidence in the court. And claiming that it was just a technical error should be the more reason why she should bury her head in shame and quickly resign from that post.

Her actions has gone a long way to prove that her appointment to that position is putting a square peg in a round hole and since she has by her actions proved herself very incompetent to handle the job, she has no other better option but to resign. The whole saga is funny and utterly ridiculous that instead of resigning, she is still shamelessly going about even in the media defending her stupidity and ignorance. It is quite a shame that a woman like Baroness Scotland could stoop so low to do such a thing she did and tell lies upon lies upon it and instead of resigning, she chose to continue telling more lies. The fact that she is a black like me makes me sick.

What Baroness Scotland did was to simply use the young lady to achieve her aim and she achieved it. She needed a housekeeper by all means and she got one by all means without bothering to check the background and employability of the employee as she outlined in the law she made herself. When two elephants fight the grass bears the brunt and that is exactly what is happening to the 27 year old young lady in question. Scotland has used and dumped her and instead of defending and saving the head of the poor young girl in her time of trials, she has chosen to deny her and to defend herself and her job instead. This is despite the services rendered by the lady. Is that not disgusting?

As I pointed out earlier, it is very disgusting that this type of behaviour should come from a black woman. The history of the black race all over the world has been a history of oppression, slavery, domination, injustice, poverty, disease, famine and war; all either orchestrated, perpetrated, endorsed, supported or masterminded by the whites. Am not being a racist but just being very honest and truthful; the facts are there to be checked after all slavery, apartheid, racism, illegal immigrants and white supremacism are all inventions of the Whiteman.

Bearing all these in mind then, one would understand very easily the reason for my canvassing that Baroness Scotland should resign and bury her head in shame. She is a black woman and instead of taking the time she took to defend herself and her job to defend the young poor lady who is so young to be her daughter, she kept telling lies. Any politics, religion or humanism that is not on the side of the masses is destined to fail and that is why Scotland’s action automatically qualifies her for a very big failure. When Jacqui Smith authorised the deportation of Ama Sumani dying of Cancer in a hospital in Wales to Ghana, I wrote a poem predicting her downfall and she indeed failed and it was a big failure. She was disgracefully booted out of the Home Office. I am therefore not in doubt that Baroness Scotland is going to end the same way. That young lady needed her help and she not only betrayed her, she also failed her. Scotland is a coward!

As a background, Baroness Scotland is a product of slavery and oppression. Just as this poor lady is branded an ‘illegal immigrant’ today, his forebears were branded as niggers, Negro and black monkeys. She is a descendant of slaves. Born Patricia Scotland in Dominica in 1956, she arrived in Britain at the age of 2 along with 10 other siblings. She later attended university and distinguished herself as a lawyer before entering the political arena in 1977, where she was called to the bar and served two terms of government for Labour firstly in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as Foreign Office Minister working for the home department at the Lord Chancellor's Office. There she was effectively number two to Lord Irvine of Largs and the lead minister on immigration and asylum matters, legal aid, legal services and the development of civil law in the UK

In 1991 she made legal history when she became the first black female QC (Queens Counsel) at the age of 35. She was made a bencher of the Middle Temple in 1997, becoming a judge in 1999, and raised to the Privy Council in 2001. She is also a member of the bar in Antigua and Dominica. In 1997, she was created a peer as Baroness Scotland of Asthal, in the County of Oxfordshire.

Scotland is also a member of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship and it is simply because of this that her actions and lies are inexcusable and a resignation becomes the best and honourable option. She obviously did not manifest her Christianity here or even manifest that courage of a black woman who should have learnt a lesson from her own background and history. My argument here is that allowing the young lady to go it all alone with the Border and Immigration Agency is unbecoming of a Christian and a black person. Black people have a very strong sense of communalism and brotherhood and that is seriously absent in the curriculum vitae of Baroness Scotland. To say that am disappointed would be an understatement. As a Christian and putting into consideration her level of seniority in the government, she should have used her office to help the young lady; yes to legalise her after all she is a human like you and me and not a killer. And even if she is a killer, she should also be given a second chance on compassionate ground; after all terrorists have been released in Scotland, United Kingdom on compassionate ground.

Baroness Scotland therefore got the plot of the whole drama wrong and further attempts on her side to use complicated legal terms and Shakespearean English to defend herself is tantamount to playing with the intelligence of the British people. As a result, it is imperative that Scotland as a matter of urgency, matter of urgent national importance and matter of black pride and face, resign with immediate effect from her position as the Attorney General of the United Kingdom.

As for Gordon Brown, who did not see anything wrong in the actions of Baroness Scotland, his days are also numbered. Gordon Brown, was brought up in a very good Christian family as a son of a Christian Minister and ever since he joined the Labour, he has taken part in blocking all the efforts made so far to legalise about Seven Hundred Thousand ‘illegal immigrants’ living in the United Kingdom on the pretext that the exercise would add to the burden of the UK economy. How foolish an argument! The fact is that almost all of these illegal immigrants are working here and very hard working indeed with mansions, cars, fat bank accounts and beautiful families back home. To legalise them would obviously make no difference. In fact legalising them would surely see a shift in the UK population since most of them would like to go elsewhere or even go back home for good and come here once in a while as tourists.

Despite these, the Labour Party has continued relenting in carrying out this exercise just for the foolish and stupid pleasure of saying no. The most painful part of the whole saga is that these people, who say no to the amnesty, spend thousands of pounds yearly in buying foods that end up going to the waste bin or even spend more than that to buy foods for their cats and dogs. Their cats and dogs are more valuable to them than their fellow humans and if they do not value the life of these people, how on earth would they expect the terrorists to value our own life. And reflecting on the fact that the nation doing this is a Christian nation makes one to seriously long for atheism and question strongly the existence of God.

Besides as we can see from the case of Baroness Scotland, the question of illegal immigration is a human issue and should be tackled humanely and humanly. People make mistakes that could land them in place or condition they never bargained for. Most of these ‘illegal immigrants’ made this type of mistake. A good number of them are also victims of trafficking and oppression in their home country and therefore ran to this place for protection. According to a rough estimate they are well over 700 thousand ‘illegal immigrants’ living here in the UK and everybody benefits from them and their presence. They do menial jobs the British people refused to do like sweeping the streets, cleaning public toilets and even serving some of this people who refused to legalise them. A good example is the Baroness Scotland’s housekeeper and the maid to the then girl friend of David Blunkett the former Home Office Secretary.

David Blunkett during his time as Home Secretary was in a relationship with Kimberly Fortier the publisher of The Spectator magazine. The three-year relationship ended bitterly in August 2004. Blair deemed it proper for Blunkett to remain Home Secretary while pursuing his pregnant former lover in the courts to ascertain paternity of her unborn child as it appeared of no relevance to his ministerial position. However, at the end of November 2004, it was alleged that Blunkett abused his position to assist his ex-lover's Filipina nanny, Leoncia "Luz" Casalme, by speeding up her residence visa application and later using his influence to ensure that she successfully obtained an Austrian tourist visa. An investigation into these allegations was headed by Sir Alan Budd. Shortly before Sir Alan was due to report his findings, an email emerged headed "no special favours...but a bit quicker". Though there was no evidence Blunkett was responsible for the email or its title, he resigned as Home Secretary on 15 December 2004, saying that questions about his honesty were damaging the government.

The lesson here therefore is that even if we loath, ignore or dislike them, they are still going to be part of the life in the United Kingdom until something is done; and what has to be done would be to legalise those already here while effort should be made to stop those yet to arrive and then face the corruption in their countries which is the major pull factor bring them here. It is also a shame that despite the fact that there are over 20 Anglican Bishops sitting in the House of the Lords, their conscience does not prick them that these people who form part of their congregation and who are living like slaves in their backyard need compassion and amnesty. Pondering all these questions makes me to begin to reflect if there is really God; because if there is, people cannot be as wicked and naive as this over the plight and anguish of other people. Incidentally the UK Parliament is just by the West Minster Abbey and how people could pray in the face of this abomination and atrocity is a another mystery, am yet to understand.

And what would be the consequence if they are legalised, would the United Kingdom disintegrate? Certainly, not! The presence of these people, their toils day and night to make our own life comfortable is a scar on the conscience of this nation and would continue to be till that day when God comes in glory to render judgement amongst people so that there will no more be Jews or gentiles, whites or blacks, legal or illegal immigrants among the lovely children of God.

By the way, lest you have forgotten, Baroness Scotland must still resign!

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