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Nick Griffin, BNP And The Call To Murder ‘Illegal Immigrants’!

While answering questions recently from the BBC Parliament’s ‘The Record Europe’, Nick Griffin the Leader of the British National Party called for the sinking of the ships carrying ‘illegal immigrants’ in the ocean to stop them from coming over to Europe.

He never minced words and shamelessly opinionated that boats carrying migrants from Africa to Europe should be sunk to stop Europe being ‘swamped by the Third World’.

"Frankly, they need to sink several of those boats," he told BBC. "Anyone coming up with measures like that we'll support but anything which is there as a 'oh, we need to do something about it’ but in the end doing something about it means bringing them into Europe we will oppose."

Griffin’s statement echoes a similar sentiment made in June 2003 by Umberto Boss the leader of the Italian Northern League now in alliance with the British UK Independence Party. Umberto however added that sinking of the ships should be accompanied with open gunfire on the ‘illegal immigrants’.

I have always been an advocate of the fact that the freedom of the people should always be paramount and respected by all means especially the right to freedoms of speech and opinion. Giving the people the freedom of speech, opinion and access to information is not a luxury or a privilege. They deserve it because it is sacred, inalienable and inherent in human nature. However that freedom of speech should not be used to promote hatred, racism, division, homicide and genocide which are exactly what Nick Griffin has just called for.

The First Amendment of the constitution of the United States of America is explicit on this. It gives people the right to the freedom of speech and opinion and even to harbour hatred against a person or group of people within them but then makes it a punishable felony to openly advocate for hatred, division, genocide and racism against a person or a group of people in the public or through any medium intended for the public.

For instance the US Supreme Court effectively shaped the First Amendment in such a manner as to permit a multitude of restrictions on speech. Further restrictions on speech were accepted by the Supreme Court when it decided Gitlow v. New York, 268 U.S. 652(1925). Writing for the majority, Justice Edward Sanford suggested that states could punish words that ‘by their very nature, involve danger to the public peace and to the security of the state.’ Lawmakers were given the freedom to decide which speech would constitute a danger.

The UK parliament should borrow a leaf from their US counterpart before it becomes too late. I am of the opinion that the Parliament should as a matter of urgency enact a law to classify this outburst and similar outbursts by Nick Griffin and people like him as speeches capable of constituting danger to the public peace and punishable by imprisonment. The right to the freedom of speech is a hallowed one but then it should not be carried beyond the sphere of decency.

It is therefore disgusting that a leader of a political party could say such a thing and go scot-free and bearing in mind that the leader in question is not just a leader of a political in any country but in the United Kingdom, one of the cradles of the modern democracy, makes one sick.

Frankly the problem of ‘illegal immigration’ has been so overwhelming for Europe to bear but the fact is that the issue of ‘illegal immigration’ here is a reflection of injustices being perpetrated against the third world by the west. The fact that some people are dying somewhere because of lack of food and water and poverty and elsewhere same food and water are not just being taken for granted but wantonly wasted is enough scandal for heaven to close her door on us perpetually.

The knowledge that weapons being used in the civil wars and internal strife of these third world countries come from the west is enough to make us sick just as it is scandalous to appreciate the fact that monies looted from these poor third world countries are banked here in the west. There is no way we can ever deny the fact that the problem of ‘illegal immigration’ from the third world is partly caused by the west and for that problem to be solved, the west has to begin to learn how to be sincere by sanctioning the corrupt leaders in the third world especially the African leaders.

Most of the UK politicians and political parties including Gordon Brown’s Labour and David Cameroun’s Conservative have been strongly against any measure to legalise the ‘illegal immigrants’ already here in the UK citing their reason as the fact that you cannot build legality out of illegality. That is acceptable but one thing these politicians failed to understand is that the problem of ‘illegal immigration’ is as a result of illegal activities of the west in most of these poor third world countries and they have to continue bearing the consequence till they sincerely proffer a solution to them.

Take for instance the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. Before the discovery of the first oil well in Oloibiri town in the Niger Delta, most of the communities depended on farming and fishing as their source of income and means of livelihood and with the arrival of the oil companies from the west came pollution and illegal activities including gas flaring that left at least 90 percent of these vast arable areas infertile. And despite the fact that gas flaring has been outlawed internationally and even by a High Court ruling in Nigeria in 2005 the oil companies in the Niger Delta continues to perpetrate that. In fact the largest gas flaring operations in the world occurs in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

The Niger Delta is a home to over 31 million people and the implication is that each of these people have had their means of survival cut to the barest minimum due to the activities of these western oil companies including the Royal Dutch Shell which in the 1990s under the regime of Nigerian Dictator Sani Abacha played a part in the execution of a Nigerian environmentalist and playwright, Ken Saro Wiwa.

Ken Saro Wiwa was pleading for his voice to be heard over the evil being perpetrated by the Royal Dutch Shell and the Chevron in his native Ogoniland before he met his untimely death. Ogoniland is a 404-square-mile (1050 km2) region in the southeast of the Niger Delta basin. Economically viable petroleum was discovered in Ogoniland in 1957, just one year after the discovery of Nigeria's first commercial petroleum deposit, with Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron Corporation setting up shop throughout the next two decades. The Ogoni people, a minority ethnic group of about half a million people who call Ogoniland home, and other ethnic groups in the region attest that during this time, the government began forcing them to abandon their land to oil companies without consultation and offering negligible compensation.

This is further supported by a 1979 constitutional addition which afforded the federal government full ownership and rights to all Nigerian territory and also decided that all compensation for land would ‘be based on the value of the crops on the land at the time of its acquisition not on the value of the land itself.’ The Nigerian government could now distribute the land to oil companies as it deemed fit. The corrupt western oil companies took advantage of the situation to the detriment of the local people who they are supposed to be responsible to socially. They simply threw caution to the wind and buried the beautiful principle of corporate social responsibility.

When people like these have had their means of livelihood cut to the barest minimum, the next and nearest option becomes moving out of their homeland to elsewhere in search of means of livelihood. It is a natural instinct in man. Man must survive and for him to survive he need food and water and he could go to any means to get that including getting himself inside a ship as an ‘illegal immigrant’ to come to Europe. Bear in mind that the push factor here is to survive. The need to have food and water pushes them. These food and water is what they cannot get in their own communities already rendered infertile by these western oil companies and they have to move.

This could explain why most of them have fled out of their home to different parts of Nigeria, Africa and to Europe and these are people Nick Griffin want their ship to be sunk in the ocean as they are making this life-saving journey.

This statement from Griffin is highly provocative and echoes what our fathers went through during the slave trade when thousands of them were thrown off the ship to drown in order to save the ship from capsizing. If Nick Griffin had read about the history of the slave trade, he may not have said that but his ignorance pushes him to provoke the people the more and he is always going scot-free. I am quite surprised that up till now nobody has been calling for his resignation just like we all did during the expenses scandal in the commons. Oh! Britain where has thou virtue runneth to?

I am sick of this type of provocation and this type of provocation is capable of bringing tension within the community and bringing tension and division within the British community is exactly what Nick Griffin and his British National Party stands for. This is arrant madness and everybody must see it that way.

Come to think of think of it, what type of political party with sane human beings and leaders could advocate such a cynical move. We have not yet come out of the consequences of the evil perpetrated by the Nazi Germany and Nick and his party want to drag us back there again. The Nazi party began exactly the way the British National Party began and even won the elections under the same circumstances in which the British National Party won theirs. And yet nobody has deemed it fit to stop them.

Following the law and the spirit of the law is one of the beauties of democracy but there are times when it is very necessary to change a law either to accommodate well refined and progressive opinions or to thrash out retrogressive, mundane and cynical ones. That time is now and it is high time the British Parliament did something to curtail the wings of the British National Party. However that thing must follow the due process of the law. We cannot do something illegal and that is where the beauty and virtue of democracy lies.

Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people meaning that it is a form of government that depends heavily on the pulse, heartbeat and opinion of the people and the opinion of the average British today is that the British National Party is becoming too hot and too provocative for our liking and therefore the Parliament must do something about it. The United States of America set a precedent on this in 1940.

In 1940 the Congress enacted the Smith Act. The Smith Act made punishable the advocacy of ‘the propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force and violence.’ The law was mainly used as a weapon against Communist leaders. The constitutionality of the Act was questioned in Dennis v. United States 341 U.S. 494 (1951). The Court upheld the law in 1951 by a 6-2 vote (Justice Tom C. Clark did not participate because he had previously ordered the prosecutions when he was the Attorney General). Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson relied on Oliver Wendell Holmes' ‘clear and present danger’ test when he wrote for the majority.

Vinson suggested that the doctrine did not require the government to ‘wait until the putsch is about to be executed, the plans have been laid and the signal is awaited’, thereby broadly defining the words ‘clear and present danger.’ Thus, even though there was no immediate danger posed by the Communist Party's ideas, the Court allowed the Congress to restrict the Communist Party's speech.

Similarly here in the UK, even though there is not yet an immediate danger posed by the utterances and provocations of the British National Party, the Parliament should move fast in the interest of the public to restrict the freedom of the BNP before their Nazi style putsch is executed. There is a clear and present danger with the presence of the BNP and therefore the parliament must not ‘wait until the putsch is about to be executed, the plans have been laid and the signal is awaited’.

We do not want to see another war. We do not want to see another Second World War and we do not want to see another holocaust. When I lived in Europe, I took interest in the question of Jewish holocaust and therefore read almost everything worth reading about the holocaust as well as visited a lot of places including the concentration camps that perpetuates eternally the evils of Nazism and my conclusion after all these is that over my dead body should we allow such a thing to happen again in our life time and in the life time of our children and their children and their children children.

The Nazis had a road map on how to achieve their ‘perfect’ state status including the expelling and killing of all Jews in their territory, the homosexuals, disabled and then the Africans and other immigrants. Their main objective is to achieve pure German breed that would be free from any form of racial interference. They simply wanted an ideal state composed of Germans only and this is exactly what the British National Party is trying to achieve under Nick Griffin and his cabals.

We cannot remain silent in the face of this type of threat. This is not an empty threat and that is why we have to take the British National Party very serious and do something to stop them from inflicting another grievous injury to the soul of humanity.

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