Friday, 12 June 2009

Response To BNP Anti-Immigration Tweet

In response to yesterday’s tweet from the British National Party, I would like to use this medium to reply in detail to them as well as make myself very clear on the concerns they raised in that tweet titled ‘Now EU Demands Total Control over Britain’s Immigration and Asylum Policy as Well’.

In the first place, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Northern Ireland is a member of the European Union and therefore is and must be bound by all the laws, rules and regulations coming from both Brussels and Strasbourg. The only way to stop the EU from imposing their laws, rules and regulations on the United Kingdom is for the UK to cease being a member of the European Union. That is not easy though because the quickest end to the United Kingdom would be leaving the European Union. The trend of today’s politics is clearly showing that isolation is very detrimental to modern day democracy.

A man no matter how great he is can never win a judgement against his kinsmen and so it is with the United Kingdom that no matter how great he is, he can never win against the European Union. The best option therefore for the United Kingdom is to be part of the Union and the BNP should get this clearly. However it seems that the British National Party is living in delusion and fantasy and is determined to pull everybody to their bandwagon. I do not personally have anything against the BNP but what bothers me is that BNP is trying very hard to drag us back into the Middle Ages and having come a long way out of that stage am quite sure we are no more interested in going back there again.

I believe in the freedom of any nation or individuals therein to decide their future. This includes their right to decide how to manage their immigration and asylum system as well as the right to punish those who flout these immigration and asylum laws especially the illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers. However in doing this what should be of priority at all times should be sympathy and compassion towards the plight of the people being dealt with.

Firstly they should know they are dealing with fellow humans in need and whatever that need is, it should be considered thoroughly utilising all available avenues before any decision is made over it. When an immigrant decides to leave his home and country to seek a better life elsewhere, something pushed him in the first place and it is as a result of this, that they should be listened to and never profiled or stereotyped before their case is decided.

Immigrants make these decisions as a result of different reasons including fear of persecution, imprisonment and torture as a result of professing a particular creed, belief in a particular religion, membership of a political party or even as a result of a fault that is not their own making and this is where persecution, imprisonment and torture as a result of one’s sexual orientation comes in. Nations are therefore under obligation according to the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees not only to finding a refuge for these people but also to tamper justice with mercy in handling fragile issues like this.

A life is very precious when compared with anything and that should be a reason we must not feel very uncomfortable when refugees come knocking at our doors. The United Kingdom is a great Christian nation and a great nation with a very strong Christian tradition and for some people like the BNP to come up with anti-immigration stand is not only unchristian but also very unbritish. It is very Christian to lend a helping hand to brothers when they are in need and that is why St. John of the Cross opined that on the eve of our life we shall be judged on love alone.

Against this background then, when an individual, a group of people or a nation begins to come up with archaic and cynical ideas, it should be our collective function to fight against it. This is because the centre of the world should always and at all time be on that place where humans are suffering. We cannot afford to look the other way when others are suffering. Remaining neutral or silent when people are suffering only empowers the tormentor and ridicules the victims.

The BNP from day one made itself very clear on what they stand for and that is against immigration. This is ridiculous because the fact is that we have gone a long way in embracing globalisation and from the way things are going, no nation or individual could afford to stand on their own. We are so intertwined and interconnected that it is practically impossible to exist now in isolation. Probably the BNP is not aware of that but am sure that their members go on holidays to Africa, a continent of the people they do not want no more in the UK. What happens if Africa decides to go ANP (African National Party) all of a sudden? Your guess is as good as mine!

This is exactly what the BNP stands for. They want all the immigrants out of the UK so that they could live alone. The argument from the BNP is that immigrants are part or mainly the reason for the crime and present quagmire in the United Kingdom and consequentially should be booted out for the United Kingdom to regain its past glory.
That is also ridiculous because the fact is that this nation is great simply because of the sweat and contributions of the immigrants.

The immigrants in this country brought diversity, learning, money, culture and many other things here with them. To prove me wrong ask all the African immigrants in this country to stay at home just for one day and this great nation would come to a standstill. About 200 years ago our brothers and sisters were rudely uprooted out of Africa to cultivate farms in the new world for your fathers. The profit of that sweat was used to develop the United Kingdom the way it is today and that is what you are enjoying. Therefore coming up with the noxious and obnoxious idea of sending immigrants home is way of playing on the emotions of the unsuspecting good British people.

The slave trade is part of a major reason why Africa is still experiencing developmental problems today. During the slave trade families were separated and displaced. Parents were taken away from their kids and kids from their parents. These were able bodied men and women who should have been in Africa to develop it but their absence left the fertile lands of Africa uncultivated and bare for a long time that while other parts of the world are busy advancing and developing, Africa was still battling with the scarcity human resources, starvation, poverty and broken heart. That human resources Africa was lacking then was what was being used to tap wealth and resources for you and your fathers in the new world.

The agonising part however is that many of the females kidnapped were sexually abused. Many of them were raped even at the young age of 8. Some later become pregnant and were either shipped to another colony, killed or thrown into the sea to cover up those evils. Even during the long tedious journey from Africa to the new world some of these slaves were thrown into the sea to prevent the ship from capsizing due to overloading.

The most disgusting part was that women were raped in front of their husbands. Children in front of their parents and siblings. Not even the young men were spared. They were brutally raped by their homosexual masters during the tedious journey. The slaves endured the worst form of humiliation ever recorded in human history even while they were in the new world the abuse continued. They were made to work for almost 24 hours without food and dance to entertain their masters. Some had hot iron mark on them as a symbol of identification while others had either of their hand cut off for same reason as was done by King Leopold of Belgium.

I do not really want to go into details but the fact am trying to lay bare here for the BNP is that the blood and sweat of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sister was used to build the strong economy you are enjoying today and you still have the gut to ask the immigrants to go home. I have no doubt you are living in the middle ages. We cannot continue enduring or accommodating people like you. We have gone through hell because of people like you and we cannot simply remain quiet while you continue brainwashing others.

What happened over two hundred years ago may sound like a history but do not tell me you are not aware of what African-Americans went through especially in the sixties because of what you believe in today. Same thing happened also to our brothers in South Africa in the name of Apartheid. Am sure also that you have not too quickly forgotten about the Jewish Holocaust under your like the Nazis. I will prefer that BNP do open the old wound. It is already in the healing process.

But come to think of it, immigration and asylum seeking is a price you really have to pay for the evils of your fathers. The Bible said that because the fathers have eaten a sour grape, the children’s teeth must be set on edge. If your fathers did not bother to come to Africa in the first place, Africans would not have known where Europe is. That injustice still continues up till today and nobody cares to know why this people are coming here. Unless someone begins to ask why, the problem is not likely to stop.

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