Friday, 5 June 2009

Poor Gordon Brown

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown is going through a very difficult time right now and everybody is deserting him including those he needed by all means to cling to power. As a result he is being asked to resign or call for a general election.

It is alleged that the reason he is under pressure to go or to call a general election is because of the ongoing recession which they accused him of being the architect when he served as the Labour Chancellor for over a decade. That is what the British press conspired and agreed amongst themselves to give us as the main reason for the clamour.

But that does not sound like the whole truth. It has no element of truth in it. There is an element of stain in that reason for the clarity of truth is not stained. One thing we all know is that this present recession actually originated from the American sub-mortgage sector. Or have we quickly forgotten how we partied and enjoyed during the boom when he was the Chancellor. We wined and dined with him when the going was so good and groovy, how then could we be so callous to abandon him now that he needed our support. I am therefore finding it very difficult to believe that Gordon is being asked to leave simply because of the recession.

The simple truth is that the English voters are simply tired of Gordon Brown because he is Scottish and the idea of a Scottish man lording it over them is one last insult they do not wish to continue enduring. Events of the last few weeks have gone a long way to give credence to this fact. Many of his party members who are mostly English either abandoned him or obviously conspired with their fellow English Conservatives to resign from his government so as to weaken it and pave way for his eventual resignation or call for a general election.

I am disposed to believe that is a major conspiracy amongst the English voters, some Labour members in conjunction with the Conservatives to oust Gordon Brown from the office, “after all we are all English and he is a Scot”.

Gordon brown never caused the recession. The recession simply happened in obedience to the law of economics. Boom as usual precedes burst and that is what the United Kingdom is facing today. But seeing that those he led into boom as the Chancellor have suddenly turned against him during the burst shows how callous and wicked we could be. Very wicked to the extent that members of his own party who are supposed to work with him and be there all the time come rain or sunshine and support him suddenly chickened out. This is a pure sign of betrayal and a good example of anti-party activity. The Labour Party is like a family and when a family has got a problem, they have to come together and look for a solution to it. Chickening out is a sign if cowardice.

The issue of some Labour politicians washing their dirty linen outside is completely out of question and should never be tolerated or accepted. It is not a good sign to abandon your party when you are supposed to be there and offer your shoulder for your party leader to lean on when he needs you most. What the Labour is doing to Gordon is not good and that is an injustice that may come back to haunt them. Yes he is Scot and so what!

The other time he was so much praised for the direction he is taking the UK in the battle against the recession only to be demonised few days later by the same people. But the fact remains that of all the leaders of the political parties in the UK at the moment, Gordon Brown is the only candidate far more qualified and competent to lead this country out of this mess. He has been there for over a decade as the Chancellor and actually witnessed the signs of events that led to this recession and bearing that in mind, he will recognise the green shoot easily when they begin to come out.

Gordon is an epitome of humility and this is one thing one thing I admired in him which David Cameroun and Nick Clegg lack from every aspect. They are both arrogant. In actual fact listening to David Cameroun speaking makes me sick while Nick Clegg speech makes me to vomit. They are a bunch of embarrassment for the way they address Gordon Brown with impunity during the house debates. With this I begin to wonder where David and Nick are going to lead us with this their level of arrogance. Gordon Brown may not be good, which I so much doubt, but David Cameroun could be disastrous while Nick Clegg is likely to end up as a fizzle.

Gordon is sincerely speaking working under a very difficult and different circumstance. He took over the government at a point in time when the Labour rating was irreparably damaged to the extent that they were a laughing stock to the voters. He took over from the very unpopular Tony Blair who led the nation into war in Iraq. This war was very unpopular and people transferred their anger to Brown.

And the fact that he is a poor Scotsman is not even helping the issue. Before the 1707 Acts of the Union that amalgamated the Scottish and English Parliament, both nations have been a separate and distinct independent government. That Union was actually opposed right from the day the idea was muted before it eventually took place in 1707. Scotland has always seen itself as an Independent nation with a very distinct culture different from that of their neighbours the English.

Over the centuries there have been wars and hatred existing between the two nations. The Acts of Union helped to mellow down the whole hatred which enabled the two nations to unite in one in their age-old English hatred of the French. Meanwhile the 1999 Devolution of Power to the Scottish Parliament with the ascension of the Scottish National Party reignited the quest for full independence. The devolution has been used by the Scottish National Party to make almost all services either free or affordable to the Scots. The English are obviously not happy with this because the thinking is that their tax money is paying for the free services being enjoyed by the Scots.

Against this background, one could perfectly understand the reason Michael Martins the House Speaker was quickly sacked and the ongoing pressure to sack Brown too. The lesson in all this is that it seems that Conservatives are very good in what they are doing which is to put confusion and scuttle the Labour and what a shame that the almighty Labour allowed themselves to be used.

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