Saturday, 6 June 2009

On Being Rude

Often times I wonder why people are simply rude. This rudeness comes in different ways in their life and readily manifests itself in what they do. Being rude to them is the only way to measure up to what they have not been able either to achieve in life or failed to appreciate that they cannot achieve. Their rudeness as I rightly said manifests in every iosphere of their life. Look at the way they write, talk or carry themselves it shows itself like a broad day light. A snake can never hide its nature. 

They will never greet you, not even with a very simply hi, probably because they think they are the Alpha and Omega of human existence. To them others are nothing. They are simply the best and would always show it to degrade you. They can never accept your own way of life. They would want to impose theirs on you and no matter how crude it is they would always want to impose it on you. Due to their ignorance they do not have that analytical ability to do a comparative analysis of their Modus Vivendi with that of others. The idea that democracy gives people the freedom to live their life the way they choose to are very vague to them. They want it to be their way or nothing else.

To them your religion, creed, colour, race or sexual orientation is nothing and must be changed to suit their own way of life, religion, creed, belief, understanding or thinking. The word tolerance and accommodation is simply very foreign to them. Aggressiveness, brutality, pride in stupidity and fighting are words they are more familiar with and they are always ready to experiment this on their victims.

They are simply the best and the only way to reflect this is to be rude and look down on others just to prove their point. Ask them a very simple question, maybe a direction to place, it would probably be answered with what. Yes they are always deaf because they are wired to talk and talk and talk and not listen to the view of others. They prefer to show you at all time that there is something in them that is higher to the one in you.

As I rightly pointed out everything about them is all about looking down on others and making you feel not only rejected and dejected but to appear very foolish. Look at the way they speak or write it is all the same. This or that blahblahblahblahblah because I ain’t take no shit from nobody. They are ever ready to dish out their ten commandments to you making you think they are perfectionist but the fact is that they are worst than that.

At this juncture one is forced to ask the obvious, what does it to take to be good to others. Does it really cost anything to say Hi or even the simplest ones like thanks, welcome, you are very nice, you are sweet, I love your shirt, oh your girl friend is very gorgeous and stuffs like that. What does it really cost to humble ourselves before others and not to blow our own trumpet before them. Does it really cost a farthing to be quiet in the midst of our numerous qualifications and achievements? Will the earth stumble and tumble if people are not subjected to the rigour of knowing how rich, handsome or beautiful we are or how many cars we have and stuffs like that. Why do we always want to appear thuggish to others in order to have them humiliated or resort to either verbal or physical abuse to prove our point or resolve issues.

I believe in universal brotherhood and egalitarianism I do personally believe that being rude to others does more harm to the person being rude and not to the person at the receiving end. It humiliates more the humiliator. But come to think of it people who are something are often less likely to be rude to others unless only on few occasions of being extremely pushed to the wall. Geniuses have got more time to put in on their studies and to reflect on what they are to contribute to human existence and the development of the world. 

It is simply because of them we have noble laureates including the likes of Einstein, good writers like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, William Shakespeare, Dan Brown, great surgeons like Ben Carson, eminent statesmen like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwame Nkrumah and a good number of others. Their names live on simply because they are geniuses and not amongst the bandwagon of rude people.

They are more likely to be in quiet reflection thinking of what to write as against the rude ones who would want to devote more time showing off ignorantly who they are not. You can never discuss or argue with them because their argument is more like a battleground than an intellectual lucubration. By the way how can they argue when they have got no points to solidify their argument? Their argument is more dangerous than a car without a break and to make up for this they will either resort to shouting or fighting or stupidly refuse to accept a piece of knowledge.

Check them in the public bus, they are more likely to be making noise, shouting on top of their voices or playing music loudly from their mp3 to attract unnecessary attention to their ignorance. They do not have in the simplest terms consideration for other people especially as it regards to their feelings. They often times are not aware that they have to consider the guy or girl next to them and when you call their attention on the need to be quiet they will either resort to verbal or physical abuse for the way they are wired they are meant to react stupidly so that their ignorance will shine before men.

They are nightmare because it reflects on every way they behave as human beings. It reflects on the way they ride, drive, talk, argue, walk, laugh and in fact everything they do. The most agonising part is that they are not even aware that they are rude and come to think of it how would you as medical practitioner cure a patient who in the first place does not agree that he or she is sick. 

It is really a very big problem and the best way to approach them is never to approach them in the first place or completely ignore them. It pains them more when they are ignored.

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