Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Nigeria Police and the Criminal Goat

'TheLondonpaper' of yesterday January 27, 2009 says that the Police in Lagos, Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. Vigilantes claim the animal is an armed robber who used black magic to transform himself into a goat after trying to steal a Mazda 323. The veracity of this story is not known yet but as a former journalist well grounded in the art of not only nosing for news but also writing it, there is no doubt that there is every element of truth in this story. I do not mean man turning into goat. It is ridiculous. I mean the police really detaining the goat. That is very foolish.

The reason for my conclusion is the fact that am not only a Nigerian but also worked there as a journalist for a couple of years and therefore in the right to make this conclusion. I have had a lot of opportunity to encounter or work with the Nigeria Police and at a stage made a very good friend with one of them who gave me a lot of light on the modus operandi of the Nigeria Police. Every journalist needs this type of source and the stories he gave to me as well as conversations with him led to my first International Award in Journalism.

From my experiences with the Nigeria Police, I do perfectly think that it is high time we began to ask what is wrong with that institution. Am seriously pissed off that the police left their main job which is crime fighting to indulge in arrays of superstitions. Am just wondering what type of an educated mind would listen to or read this story. The Nigerian Police should be reminded of what their duty is and stop making mockery of not only themselves but that of the country as a whole. How would people react to this story. Pause and think about it seriously. In western world the Head of the Police would have resigned out of shame but in Nigeria his counterpart will still be there in a round table comfortably curved to fit his big pot belly.

The words that could define the atmosphere in the Nigeria Police is not only corruption but also idiotic and stupidity though with a very strong apology to those amongst them who still know what they are doing. Let us think about it. What type of Judge would want to welcome an evidence where a goat is either the witness or defendant and how I wish that the Judge would charge the policemen involved for wasting his time and bringing to disrepute the name and image of the People and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This is not the first time this type of case has come out of the Nigeria Police. Due to high level of illiteracy within the Nigeria Police, often times serious cases are thrashed or messed up as a result of superstition. Am not trying to stop the right of people from believing in superstition after all it is part and parcel of life. What am advocating is that in the modern day when the science of forensics has made their job easy, they should take advantage of these instead of delving more deeper into superstition. Though a good number of Nigeria population believes in superstition, the Nigeria Police should not allow this to becloud their sense of Forensic expertise.

Often types when issues bothering on gay sex is brought up it is treated as superstition, linking it with those involved trying to take the luck of the other to be rich thereby abandoning the main issue of paedophilism which maybe heavily involved. Cases of kidnapping, murder, accident and numerous others are also often treated thus thereby loosing the vital opportunity to get the vital evidences that could be very crucial in forensic examination of the crime scene.

I therefore strongly suggest that the police officers involved in this case that has brought opprobrium to the image of the People and the Federal Republic of Nigeria should resign while the rest of the Force should make it compulsory for their officers to be watching at least three times a week Forensic TV programmes like the CSI New York, Miami etc.

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