Thursday, 4 June 2009

June 4 2009: A Political Day Of Reckoning!

Today is June 4, 2009, the day for the European Union election. Prior to this day the three major parties-Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Democrats-had spent a good chunk of their time persuading the voters to vote wisely and never to vote for the British National Party. According to these parties any vote casted for the British National Party is akin to voting for the Nazi Government of the pre-World War II era.

However the main issue here is that the electorates are simply not happy with those representing them at the moment in the Westminster. Their anger is not mainly because of the ongoing recession that has made virtually everything difficult but also the revelation by the Daily Telegraph of the monumental fraud and corruption discovered lately in the House of Commons.

In fact the enormity of corruption there is so monumental that it could dwarf the titanic, scare away Goliath and put His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to shame. It is a big shame that those elected to represent the people could see no other time but this difficult financial time to perpetrate this heinous act. That is a sign of not being in touch with the common people they are elected to represent and bearing in mind as the name of the house suggests, these people are no more with the common people. They are no more servants of the people but their Lords and Masters. They have simply thrown caution to the wind and relaxed with big and protruding stomachs to feed on the people’s suffering.

Over the past one year businesses across the United Kingdom have been closing down while thousands have lost their job due to the financial meltdown. Thousands have lost their homes too and numerous others not knowing how to handle the situation resorted to suicide. Things are simply difficult, very difficult that you could feel it in the air right now and people are suddenly not happy with the mess they found themselves in. In a nutshell there is a mass discontent towards the government and the direction things are moving to.

In a time like this the best option becomes what is called financial prudence. This is very important and is highly demanded of all, right from the top echelon to the beggar in the street. This is no more the era of Father Christmasing and wasting of resources. Caution has been the watchword and the politicians in Westminster actually joined in calling for that caution and financial prudence only to go to the back and begin to feed fat on the taxpayer’s money. 

These actions of the members of the House of Commons is completely unacceptable and shows a clear sign of not being in touch with the feelings, pains and agonies of the common people they are called to represent. The enormity of the case against them is so ignominious and reprehensible that the only solution at this point in time is to vote them out and prosecute all those involved in the mess.

The honourable members went too far in these fraudulent activities. For instance, Jacqui Smith the Home Office Secretary went as far as claiming money even for a pornographic movies watched by the husband. Is that not disgusting? She was so scared of walking through the streets of London but never through the public fund. Some even, while their mortgage has been paid off continued claiming for it even three after. I have never in my life heard of such a monumental corruption in a public office in a developed world. We are use to that sort of rubbish in Africa. I am frankly speaking in a shock.

Bearing this in mind then, could one give me a simple reason why these crooks should not be sacked, voted out and made to face the law of the land? This is a big sin and a great injustice, the type that cries to heaven. Those responsible for this heinous act deserve every inch of punishment for this is a good example of how not to misuse public fund. That is fraud, cheating, stealing, embezzlement, 419, deception, scam, racket and misappropriation and must be punished with the relevant laws of the land.

The motive behind every armed robbery is to unjustly take away someone’s money or property and is usually punished by imprisonment and that is exactly what the dishonourable members of the parliament has done. They have to face the consequence as a lesson to the future members. This can never be condoned and tolerated.
Against this background, one could perfectly understand the anger of the British voters and their resolve to vote the major parties out by voting for the small parties like the Christian Party, UKIP or even the BNP.

I do understand people’s anger; however that should not be a reason for us to scuttle the gains we have made in the past one decade. Over the period of 10 years this great nation has been able to fully integrate immigrants like me, ensured equality of all in the workplace, fought against age discrimination in employment, legalised homosexual union, introduced the Freedom of Information Act that is actually tormenting the House of Commons today and even gone to the extent of electing immigrants to elective positions as well as appointing them to various offices.

It is basically gains like this that the BNP, strongly stands against. They simply want the British job for only for the British people and their main political agenda is to eventually rid the UK of immigrants and live all by themselves. This is an archaic and an outdated ideology and that is what we are called to fight against today by ensuring that we do not wake up on Friday and face the ugly truth. The BNP in power!

Everybody has got the right to their opinion but if those opinion are not in conformity with the ideals of democracy, it is our responsibility to oppose them and that is basically why am telling the voters to please go out there and cast your vote and no matter how angry you are let it not be for the BNP. I respect the BNP and until they change this their crude ideology am afraid I will still be on the side of those fighting them. The world has gone very far out of racism, bigotry and narrow-mindedness and it is high time somebody woke BNP up from their slumber and announces to them that we are now in 2009.

As for Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, I sincerely think they deserve every form of electoral punishment. The events of these days have shown that they are arrogant, out of tune with the common people, fraudsters, incompetent and therefore not worthy of a second chance. And that second chance is what am asking you not to give them until they repent. And they have to repent! The era of gallivanting, merrymaking, bashing, grooving, squandering and partying with the taxpayer’s money is come to an end. Now is the day of reckoning!

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