Monday, 22 June 2009

Iran: ‘Where Is My Vote?’

I have been following with a very keen interest and disgust the ongoing electoral crisis in Iran. I am highly disappointed that Iranian authorities could treat their own people this way. As I have always believed and keep on repeating, we cannot keep quiet or pretend that what is happening over there is none of our business. Because we are one and part of each other, it is more of our communal business than it is their own personal business.

In fact what is happening today in Iran concerns each and every one of us. Wherever mankind suffers brutality and oppression as a result of exercising their right, that place should be the epicentre of the whole world. The whole world should focus their attention there till the brutality and oppression is brought to an end.

It is a shame that except for few governments, many world governments have not come out to openly condemn and call the Iranian authorities to order. I am not in doubt that the reason why most governments have refused to comment is because they are afraid of interfering with Iranian domestic affairs and are in fear of infringing on their rights and sovereignty as a nation.

But the fact is that keeping silent and maintaining neutrality will never solve the problem. In fact it will go a long way to empower the brutal regime in Iran and demoralise its people who are dying in their quest to have a democracy. We cannot continue to maintain that neutrality or keeping silence because it is not working and does not worth it. The events of the last century have taught us that neutrality and silence are never good instruments of diplomacy. They are very weak and nations hide under them to perpetrate evil.

Millions of Jews that were killed during the holocaust would have been saved if the world had abandoned their silence and neutrality to come out as one and defend the Jewish people. Same ugly situation also repeated itself during the genocide in Rwanda. People die and they die in millions because we are trying to maintain neutrality and keeping silent and respecting people who not have respect for the life and rights of others.

The fact is that we are not fighting with people who are sensible; we are fighting with brutal regimes that do not have an iota of respect for human rights and dignity. As a result we need to fight them with the weapon they fear most and that is speaking out against their atrocities and as a last resort trespassing into their sovereignty to let them know that a nation no matter how powerful it is can never win the whole world.

We have tolerated Iran a lot and we cannot continue to tolerate her anymore. The more we tolerate her the more it gives her the audacity to continue in the evil it is perpetrating in the name of God. Iran thinks that the whole world is filled with fools and that is why a bunch of dirty, tattered-looking fanatics who pose as God would have the gut not only to develop a nuclear weapon but to treat its own people like nothing. This is a trend North Korea is also copying.

We cannot continue enduring this. Iran and North Korea have pushed the rest of the world to the extreme and this is the right time to unleash our Jihad on them. We cannot wait anymore for the more we wait, the worst things are getting. What happens if one day we wake up to notice that Iran has wiped Israel off the face of the world or that North Korea has annihilated Hawaii? No! We cannot wait for that time. The world has to act now to save us from this madness coming out of Iran and North Korea.

I am convinced am making sense here. For the sake of a world with peace and sanity, something has to be done. We have been negotiating with these two rogue states for quite a long time now and they have been taking us for a ride. They do not have an iota of respect for human life and dignity. Iran openly supports Hezbollah and Hamas and seriously finances Syria to scuttle the welfare of the State of Lebanon. It is therefore clear that Iran is part of the problem in the Middle East and if something is done to call Iran to order, the future generation would be eternally grateful to us for assuring their future.

Iran is not and can never be more than the rest of us. It is an eyesore to see how a government is treating its own people. The force being used against Iranians at the ongoing demonstration as a result an election they claimed was rigged should not be tolerated and we cannot keeping looking while a group of people are perpetrating evil in the name of God.

We know from evidence that God is not human. He is unfathomable and therefore nobody, no matter how holy he is or how conversant he is with Koran could claim to be running a state in the name of God. That is a deception and a way of perpetuating evil by subjecting people to the yoke and fear of God and religion. We should get it right; the Iranian authorities are not acting in the name of God and they are not running a theocratic state. It is a brutal regime!

What they are doing is just perpetrating evil in the name of God and that is an abomination. God does not sanction the production of nuclear weapon or even production of one to wipe out another nation. All these are lies in the name of God and the earlier we get this fact, the better for us. We are in the 21st century and not dark ages when people were being deceived in the name of God.

It is therefore with a heart filled with sorrow that am confronting the Iranian authorities using this piece and medium. How on earth do they think God can sanction this brutality against a people? Come on! God is not a toy and you should stop deceiving yourself! The right to demonstrate is a God given right. It is a sacred right God bestowed on people to check the excesses of their leaders. Demonstration is one of the ways people demonstrate their will to their leaders.

It is therefore disgusting that this is happening in 2009. We have come a long way out of dark ages and we need to let Iranian authorities know this and considering the fact that this is taking place 61 years after the adoption of that sacred document called the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which in Article 20 upheld the right of the people to peaceful assembly and association, makes the whole scenario repugnant.

It is a shame that despite the provisions of this document which is in par with the holy books, people’s right to peaceful demonstration is still being denied them not only in Iran but also in various parts of the world by brutal juntas and regimes. Against this backdrop, I decided to use this medium to revisit once more the right of the people to demonstrate either as an individual or as a group. My dream is that this article would reopen once more the global debate on the right of the people to hold a peaceful demonstration, a dream borne out of the fact that this right which is inherent in democracy is not only inalienable but also sacred.

Democracy is a system of government that relies on the will of the people to function. The will of the people is the grease that ensures the smooth running and operation of any democratic government. Remove that grease the government will come to a halt and collapse. However, we do know that Democracy cannot just do that as a human simply because it is not a human, therefore the right of the people to speak for democracy becomes imperative and a conditio sine qua non for democracy to survive.

One of the way people speak in nomine democracy is through demonstrations. People make their will known and lay their grievances through demonstrations and a peaceful one indeed. This is a sacred right and this right is placed above other rights in democracy for it is through only this that juntas and brutal regimes are forced to listen to the people.

Unfortunately it is this right that the duo of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini are denying their own people today. The worst part is that these people are not only being denied their God-given rights but the government which is supposed to be the government of the people has sanctioned its own militia to brutally suppress its own people.

This is strongly against the ideals we all believe that form the core tenets of democracy. The people have the right to peaceful assembly and demonstration and that right should and must be respected. The voice of the people is the voice of God and the Supreme Leader should know more than all of us. Or is it now a question of the voice of God when the Supreme Leader says it is? This is complete rubbish and the Supreme Leader must do everything within his power to rectify the situation as soon as possible and stop further brutality against his own people.

The people have spoken and what they are saying is that the result that returned Ahmadinejad to second term does not reflect their votes. In a nutshell, they are saying that the election result was seriously tampered with and rigged with impunity and they have been crying to God and humanity asking, ‘Where is my vote’. Every sensible believer in God and humanity should listen to this cry. It is only a four-lettered word but it is very strong and has life in it.

If this allegation of rigging turns out to be true, then something must be wrong. However from the way things are going, it is very obvious that the people are saying the truth this time around. The whole nation cannot be wrong. They are fed up with all these evils in the name of God and under a government that claims to be theocratic. The fact that such an evil could happen under the watchful eyes and full glares of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini is a serious minus on his part and a real question over his integrity and the authority he is representing.

I therefore call on the Iranian authorities and all those involved to seek the path of peace and honour now. Let them cancel the election and call for a fresh one and monitor it closely so that what happened should never happen again. Also a Panel of Investigation should be set up as soon as possible to look into the causes of such magnanimous electoral fraud and the brutality of the security apparatus against Iranians exercising their fundamental human rights.

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