Sunday, 21 June 2009

Dissolve The British Parliament Now!

From the way things are going at the moment, I am no more in doubt that there is no more Parliament in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If there is one, then the members at the moment are better described as fraudsters, cheat, consters and embezzlers. In a nutshell house filled with shameless 419ers who lack credibility and integrity.

That great institution, an age-old symbol of British democratic integrity has been so stained and tainted that people are left now with no choice but to begin to question and wonder the importance and relevance of not only the parliament but also democracy in general.

An average British is today angry; so angry that their anger was reflected openly in the last European elections in many ways. For the first time in the history of the Kingdom, the British people elected a radical and anti-immigration party to the European Union Parliament. The British National Party was able to capture two seats in the parliament as a result of the boycott of the main parties by the British electorates. Other minor parties including the United Kingdom Independence Party also did very well to capture more seats even ahead of the ruling Labour Party.

The fact of the matter is that the three main parties-Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats-and in particular the ruling Labour Party and official opposition party to Her Majesty, the Conservatives allowed greed to take hold of them leading them to perpetrate an act that could put corrupt Africa leaders to shame and give swine flu to sight tight Arab leaders.

The cankerworm uncovered by the British Daily Telegraph was like a tale of shame coming out Mobutu’s Congo. It is best described as roll call of dishonour, shame, disgrace, scandal, embarrassment and infamy. It was an atrocious act. Senior MPs and ministers, including Beverley Hughes, David Blunkett and Mark Tami, were accused of over-claiming for council tax on their designated second home over the past four years.

Eric Illsley, the Labour MP, is thought to have made the highest phantom claim-recouping more than £6,000 over and above his council tax bills since 2004. David Willetts and Jeremy Hunt, both shadow ministers, admitted over-claiming on their council tax by at least £500 each while Jacqui Smith, who deported a woman dying of cancer-she later died on arrival in Ghana-to Ghana claimed for pornographies watched by the husband.

In total, more than 50 MPs profited from the dubious claims. Eighteen have already privately repaid over-claimed council tax to the Commons fees office, including the Labour MPs Linda Gilroy and Michael Meacher. Some MPs claim round figures-usually £150 or £200 a month-for council tax; others make 12 monthly claims even though their annual bills are divided into 10 instalments.

Until last year, Parliament only required receipts for expenses of more than £250 per month leading many MPs not bothering to submit council tax bills before making claims. When the rules were changed to require documentation, several MPs reduced their claims and were not questioned over previous council tax payments they had received. The "phantom" council tax claims will add to the growing concerns over the policing of the parliamentary expenses system.

The Daily Telegraph has already disclosed how several MPs have made "phantom" mortgage claims, while there are questions over payments made by some MPs for staff, some of who are their family members. It is against this background that one would understand fully and appreciate in toto the level of shame and corruption the dishonourable Members of Parliament have fallen into and it is basically because of this that the British electorates nearly caused for the first time a political earthquake in the history of the British politics.

But come to think of the fact that these members could have the gut to carry out such impunity at no other time but at a time when the whole country is going through a very difficult time. That leaves all in no doubt as to the manner of people representing them. It is indeed a shame that the parliamentarians embezzled the public money with impunity and to add salt to injury they had the effrontery to defend themselves.

The fact is that there is no iota of remorse from any of the MPs. They are all pretending to be sorry. Instead of apologising for their sins, they went on defensive even shamelessly coming out on the national television with their shameful faces to say they have no question to answer because they have done nothing wrong. This is a clear case of arrogant bunch of oldies that are so naive and out of touch that they are no more in touch with the common people they are called to represent.

They have gone a long way in playing with the intelligence of the people and I personally think the Members of Parliament are of the opinion they are representing cows, sheep and goats otherwise why have they refused to apologise in the first place instead of shamefully going on defensive. It is purely based on this reason that am asking that the British Parliament be dissolved and a new election called.

The parliament is no more working. It is filled with people who are so ignorant, shallow and empty that they go into the parliament to read or recite an already prepared speech; more of a rehearsed rhetoric instead of being original and to the point in their argument, a landmark for which parliaments all over the world are known and praised for. In fact at the moment, it is not fit for a purpose and the Labour Party is obviously not in control.

A lot of Labour cabinet ministers have resigned lately and more are still resigning and this is clearly crippling the Labour government and the UK government in general. There have been a lot of internal squabbles within the Labour party over the leadership of Gordon Brown; a clear case of internal fighting and wrangling which is not good for a party in government. And that could be a cog in the progress of smoothing running of the government. Resignation and dissolution of the parliament followed by a general election is obviously the solution at this point in time.

It is crystal clear that the Labour is in a big problem and things are not moving well and since things are not moving well, it would not be a shame but taking the honourable path if Gordon Brown would take a cab or even walk down to the Buckingham Palace and tender his resignation letter to the queen so that she could dissolve the parliament and have a general election called as soon as possible.

What is happening today is obviously drawing the whole country backward and we cannot allow a few egoistic, insensitive, egocentric and self-centred individuals in the Palace of Westminster to be a cog in the wheel of progress of this nation. They all have to go because this country is more than all of them.

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